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    Hello All,

    We have long taught multi time frame analysis using Fibonacci Retracements / Targets, Weekly and Monthly Highs/Lows and Pivots and ATR (Average True Range) buy/sell zones is one of the best way to trade Forex for most traders. The problem is most new traders have difficulty learning how to do this analysis themselves or don't have the hour+ time it takes each day to do this correctly.

    Recently we have put in our suggested buy/sell zones that we emailed out daily ON charts.

    There is a lot of skepticism on these boards about whether products work or not THUS I am going to do something I have never done.

    I am inviting all Elite Trader Members to come into our Noon EST classes next week. I am going to do a one week Forex Boot Camp that teaches everything from the basics early in the week to sophisticated trend and counter trend trading towards the end which will incorporate all of our best tools.

    Talk is cheap and thus I'll let our charts and our training next week do my talking.

    If you would like to attend, just email and he'll set you up and email you directions for both how to attend and also how to record if you can't make it live.

    You can also see on charts below how well our buy/sell zone levels stuck and next week can see how they work each day in our class.

    I don't have time to hang out on these forums but will answer all questions at the end of each of our classes.








    Will you be broadcasting live from your cartoon building headquarters as shown on your site? Will Roger Rabbit be there too? Free popcorn? Gotta have something to go along with the Kool-Aid, of which there will be plenty being passed around....

    I admire your efforts. Just think if you happen to have a good week trading, you can give the indicator credit..if you have a bad week...well, call it a scratch and keep doing it again til you have a good week and then you can tout the good week!

    Best of luck to you.

    Anyone can bash me now and call me hater, but they can just wait and see after they use it for a while...they can just drop on by this thread again one of these days and see that I put this in print and I ended up being right.

    And maybe they''ll listen next time.

    You may have had the previous threads deleted that exposed your flawed trading wares, but the gang's still here.
  3. You betcha!

    Popcorn and Roger Rabbit, I'm so tempted, shame it's on Paltalk :(

    I see the charts are clear as mud like always, some things never change!
  4. LOL :p
  5. I was thinking a revolving disco ball would be just purfect! :p

    Man, but those charts sure are pretty ... can we get them framed?
  6. It would make nice wallpaper in my bathroom.

    Hell, on that note, it would make for really pretty toilet paper.
  7. hahaha, about the best place for it :)
  8. LOL

    I guess because he was able to get the last threads that exposed his flawed wares deleted he's just going to start over again.

    I look forward to seeing if any trusted members check him out and report back. None of these one posts wonders that tend to pop up to support vendors.

    My guess- it won't happen. I think by definition only a completely newbie would fall for something like that. Too much BS on the screen at once to function properly, especially if you aren't experienced with charts (ie a newbie, the target audience).