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    We (Traders' Library and Marketplace Books) just posted this today on our blog: a free webinar with Steve Nison. Woo!

    "Join us for a unique opportunity to watch, learn, and interact with Steve Nison at a special webinar Wednesday, September 16 at 8 p.m."

    Check it out! If you trade candlesticks, it's a must. Thanks for your time (and my apologies in advance for those who are uninterested) --jody
  2. Nison is now a referral whore. That's all that clown does - markets other people's stuff b/c his stuff isn't selling like it used to.

    I use candlestick analysis and it mostly came from Steve's work but since he decided there wasn't any more $$$ in writing books or his own DVDs, he now just pimps other people's crap.

    He's done. He's like that girl you knew in high school that maxxed out at age 17 - nothing left.

    If you want to learn candlesticks, get 1 or 2 of his good books from Amazon and that's all you need on that topic.

    Here's all you need from Steve:

    Anything else is overkill and don't bother buying the crap his peddling from other 'gurus' now.
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