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Discussion in 'Events' started by Murray Ruggiero, Apr 14, 2011.

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    It's incomplete. There are 1.3 lines of code. The first line shows a sell rule. Then there is a little fragment of a statement, most of it is missing/absent. There is no buy rule. Nor is there a positionsizing rule.

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    It seems a problem in our Forum software. I will have the webmaster take a look at it as soon as possible.
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    You this concept to trade DIA and DOG ETF's. You would need to split this into two different systems. Long /Exitlong , Short and ExitShort. Then short would become long/exitlong but just trade DOG.
  6. This is one. I would assume by systems plural there are more, hopefully with complete logic.
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    Yes , I will be posting more systems soon.
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    Mr. Murray, please can we have more updates? Thanks :)
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    Sub KeltnerBBreakOutClassic(SLen,BandMult,EQLB)
    Dim MAAve As BarArray
    Dim StdVal As BarArray
    Dim virprofit As BarArray
    If Close>MAAve+BandMult*StdVal Then Buy("LE",1,0,Market,Day)
    If Close If MarketPosition=1 And Close If MarketPosition=-1 And Close>MAAve Then ExitShort("SX","SE",1,0,Market,Day)
    End Sub

    Here is the code for a classic Keltner band system. I will be posting more soon. PS also posted this in my new system thread by mistake.
  10. Pekelo


    I have a much simpler system. Buy and hold. The Dow in 1987 was at 2000 so this system made 10000 pts since.
    I know, your system made twice as much so I update my system: use 2 to 1 leverage.
    It only required 1 trade.

    How many trades since 1987 for your system?? If it traded 2000 times $5 per return, your system is not better than my buy and hold. Does it trade at least 100 times per year?
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