Free/multiple partner sex and Death

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  1. People who want free/public sex and sex with multiple people say that animals have free sex.

    But no law protects animals. Any animal can be killed by another animal anytime.

    No law will protect people who want free sex. Anybody can kill these useless people anytime they want.

    Law will protect only good people who are loyal to their partners and live a respected life in world society.

    I having been hearing this useless argument about free sex and animals for past 20 years so I have to put an end to this useless argument once and for all.

    Learn from animals. Animals are better than useless people.
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    You're useless people.
  3. Animals never have AIDS and animals have sex with multiple partners. If human beings have sex with multiple partners they get AIDS.

    This means God wants human beings to be loyal to their partner only and live a respected life. Animals are different story because animals live the most toughest and harsh life without any protection and without guaranteed food.

    Think about it. Rest in Peace.
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    Wow that's really uh...deep man. What kinda shit are you smoking anyway?
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    Animals get STDs, too.
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    Bearice had sex with a polar bear.

    Bearice got an STD from an animal.

    Rocky balboa has beaten up Bearice.
  7. God's message.
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    Three giraffes were rumoured to be 17 feet tall.

    A man in zimbabwe was once struck by lightning twice.

    The african serval cat is said to be the most vicious house cat.
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    You're smoking the Bible?
    Isn't that a little sacrilegious?
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    two dimes and a nickel is equal to a quarter

    Baby oil is not the same as motor oil
    My fan has dust on it
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