Free Movies going mainstream. Film business is decaying in front of our eyes.

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  1. This was writing on the wall 7 years ago to be honest.
    Eventually I see Hollywood dying a slow death by 2015.
  2. This is across many industries. Pricing power is over. No matter what central banks try to do to inflate, we are in a grand deflationary supercycle. Basically capitalism fighting it's last battles.
    Next era of prosperity will be in a completely different form.

  3. Technically, true.
    But there's "LEGAL", and then there's accepted practice.
    Ask any skool kid how many of his friends are serving time for downloading movies.
    I'm not commenting on the morality or legality of it all, just the obvious.
    We are seeing a generation that thinks it all should be
    A. Free
    B. Instantly available
  4. It's a Brave New World out there baby, but nothing happens until a salesman sells it.

    Forget morality or legality.

    When I was a kid we never bought new bluejeans, our girlfriends just sewed patches on them. Once Levi Strauss accepted this disruptive fact, they just started selling prewashed jeans, so now you didn't even need a girlfriend to be properly dressed.

    The salesmen know. Soon you'll start seeing ads, "Download Any Movie Anytime Free"

    It's the Same Old World out there baby.
  5. I disagree. I am not a kid, but I do get just about everything via file sharing. What I and most file sharers object to is the cost. You can't convince me that a song off of a cd is worth a dollar. Especially when chances are I have already purchased that song, but it's more convenient to get it off a torrent than physically find my copy that I legitimately purchased.

    If the RIAA and the MPAA took the licensing approach to content that the software industry has they would have a better argument, but as it is they want you to purchase the content every time you use it.

    Most in the file sharing community would agree that if a song for example was ten cents you would eliminate the majority of the illegal activity. Or if Garmin sold map updates for $5 instead of $79. Or a movie purchase was the same as a rental ($1.00 or $1.99...whatever), but $19.95 for a movie you may or may not even like? I think not.

    File sharing will never go away. There is no way around it. Even DRM couldn't stop it. The basic premise of the content provider's business model is what promotes file sharing. If on the other hand they made it cheap across the board where it was worth it to buy it, then most would buy their content.

    You can teach anyone how to set up uTorrent on a wireless unprotected internet connection and they can get just about anything they want in just a few minutes. My dad wanted a few Louis Prima songs and I got him the entire collection of everything he ever did in ten Try to go out and find that at a brick and mortar store. Online you'd pay $100 or more. I think it all comes down to the forces of supply and demand. What content providers currently want you to pay is not what people are willing to pay and the content providers are more interested in taking a lot of money from a few people rather than a little money from a lot of people. Look at it this doesn't cost the content provider any more to make a thousand digital copies than it does one digital copy.

  6. Agree.

    What do I care about some 70 year-old Hollywood mogul named Bernie, churning out crap?

    People act like they're the guardians of his profit margins. I couldn't give a fk. Let'em make his own money.
  7. My guess is eventually you will be able to record videos so well that people wont go to movie theatres anymore either. They will just download the recorded version. This is already happening. Technology is "destorying" capitalism, but hey, for me the consumer I love it. Then hollywood will go out of business, and the bubble of actor's salaries along with it. This will either filter in a whole new generation of actors who will accept less money to act. This will be the same with music to some extent. Rappers will only put out mixtapes for free to promote them going on tour. Then the tickets for concerts will go way up because of course they want all those millions to spend on weed and hookers, which they arent getting from selling cd's

    Basically the movie and music industries as we know them are over. They will revolutionize in this century.
  8. My goodness. When I was a kid, you would pay $12.99 for a cassette and $16.99 for a CD. If you wanted the single, you would pay $5.99. Now people think $1 is too much for a song. If someone spends hours upon hours writing music and rehearsing the song and playing it over and over so its just perfectly recorded isnt worth $1, then you are a cheap bastard. You'll spend $3 to $5 on a cup of coffee that some kid worked 30 seconds to make, but not $1 on a song that took hours to make?
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