Free month $299 ends today at 4pm

Discussion in 'Events' started by Spectra, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Hey gang,

    Cajun from here

    We are giving away a full month of access to the trial member who gets the most votes today!

    VOTING PROCEDURE: Please double click on my CajunSnipers name in the room or email me here on ET. List the person you feel makes the most valuable commentary, and that you feel is a valuable asset to Pure Tick or Elite Trader. The person with the most votes will be given this whole month for free! Please only vote ONCE!

    I will follow up the thread with who won.
  2. OMG this is such a pathetic scam

    Do I win?
  3. YES Shapeshifter!!

    You win the prize for quickest negative comment of the hour. It only took you a few minutes after the post to start out with your pessimistic commentary. Way to get a thread going. Well since the guys who quaify can be free ET guys on in our room and the users do the voting I do not see how that can be a scam. If I could vote for myself or Alex then perhaps I'd be a bit weary.

    I think having little contests and things keeps things fun and will cause users to 'think' before they type in random nonsense in to the channel like so many places we've been logged in to.


  4. Yes I'm sure it's all about fun and nothing whatsoever to do with you making more money from unsuspecting newbs who never ask the question... Why does he need my money if his system is so good?
  5. da-net


    just a quick question...does that include an ET user that adds so much levity to another wise boring day trading? that is if you consider levity as a valuable asset.
  6. Naw. Not this time. The people in this are already members or on trial and it was just a fun idea.

    Your question #2 has been answered in another thread and also by multiple gurus on here.

    Greed is good

    Diversity is good

    Enjoy Tuesday
  7. If this thread is intended for your trial members and paying members and not for shameless self-promotion aimed at the ET community, why not just post it in your room and leave the rest of us out of it? Yeah, that's what I thought.

  8. And none of that changes the fact that you would trade your system and keep it secret if it actually worked
  9. wow
    is this good for business ?
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