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Discussion in 'Trading' started by tubytrader, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. So where did the bulls go. Funny how they dont show up when they are taking a beatdown. I thought you can just buy the dips everyday!!! FREE MONEY
  2. Mvic


    The day isn't over yet
  3. galiano


    My guess is thier incredible money managment skills caused thier internet service to be turned off. I wonder what will will happen to them if we have a doozy 5% or more correction.
  4. S2007S


    I have been a bear and have still posted through every rally the market has had since coming here in August.

    I still think the bulls own this market...we need more than just one day of heavy selling. Wouldnt suprise me at all to see the dow back above 12450 and nasdaq above 2450 by 4pm.
  5. S2007S


    look at EEM down nearly 3%. My EWZ short is doing great today...
  6. s2007 Im with you. You have stuck with your guns! I just miss the comments from (and IM sure they know who they are) that always quote FREE MONEY no risk. I guess their risk boat came in.
  7. This thread sounds looks like a sour grapes loser thread. The lesson is to take what the market gives you, not be pissed off because you were wrong and others were right regardless of whether you are bullish or bearish.
  8. Well said I just wanted to post a bear forum on a bear day...
  9. I just think its silly to be mad about someone elses success. That shows a need to be right more than a need to make money. I'm happy for anyone who can make a good trade.
  10. HG...........BINGO!

    In fact the majority sentiment on these boards since I've registered here has been BEARISH. Anyone asking for where are the bulls obviously hasn't been around these parts very long. Also the fact that there is still a good level of bearish sentiment would mean that stock probably have a ways to run remaining on the upside.

    Go long, short the trend, do whatever you like...... I prefer to wake up every morning with a new lease on life and not have to be enslaved to notions or a particular view, hmmmmmmm, go figure........ the life of a TRADER!
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