Free Money!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Mecro, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. Mecro




    This happens like once in a blue moon.

    I'm short right now, think he is done. He already made my day and week.

    Correct that, just reversed it.
  2. Mecro


    None of you traded it?

    Well you missed out, it is extremely rare where you can clip 10-20 cents so easily.
  3. maybe your supervisor will raise you to 200 shares!!

    just kidding....nice trade
  4. EricP


    For those of us that missed it, could you describe what the situation was that led to the opportunity for an easy trade?

  5. Mecro


    What are you talking about, I only trade odd lots.

    Seriously though, you could have flipped 5k in that easily. I only did 500-1000, but I scalped the shit out that stock. Kept trying to go home but that free money was screaming at me so I kept trading.
  6. Mecro


    Big sizes stepping up in the Open Book. The buyer kept coming back for almost 2 points. No crazy spread downs, high liquidity, good order flow. FREE MONEY!!!
  7. Mecro


    By the way, that was a strong serious buyer. 52 Week High also.

    Anyone have any ideas about longterm MMM?
  8. I see about 20 or 30 of those free money things a week. It's a little like being right about 19 of the last 2 recessions.

    Only free money is when the door on the Brinks flies open at 3am and dumps a load of 100's into your pickup truck.
  9. Mecro


    Yeah but check this out. MMM ran up 11:30-2:30. At least an hour and a half of that was easy big sizes stepping up, great order flow & liquidity. That's rare.
  10. cuz


    Yeah stop shorting it right now!!
    Wait for the reversal, cuz it's gonna catch up with you if your not careful.

    Peace.............we can talk more tomorrow
    #10     Apr 27, 2004