Free money!!!

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  1. Look free money.
  2. spread is now 3 cents. That could get you a dinner tab. Only 3 minutes left for this freebee.

    Just route your sell order to BATS

    spread 4 cents.
  3. men
  4. Does this mean we gap up tomorrow? [​IMG]
  5. Huh? So how does that happen
  6. spindr0


    Every time I've tried to trade a crossed market, the other side conveniently flips against me once the first side is filled. And sometimes it's just bad data.
  7. Bob111


    25 shares on one side and 44 on another? on 1.5$ stock? thank you, but no thank commissions will be greater than profits :p

    wanna hear the true story about truly risk free money? once i've made almost six figs AH in one day(evening actually). it was a short session @ black friday(not this one) and dumb bots keep trading(placing crazy orders @ crazy prices) after real market was closed. that was real fun..
  8. Actually these are options contract. You would clear lunch/dinner money :D

    With commission you would clear 42 dollars :) but you would be using up 3675 dollars of your capital during the trade until completion.

    The risk of course is when you get filled and get ready to route to BATS, the order gets pulled and you end up with NOM at 1.45 heheh.

    and of course the few minutes of time left before the door shuts and your stuck till thursday holding the 25 long put contracts that cost you 3675 bucks (excluding commission).
  9. Nice...good for you. Do you normally trade AH or did you just get lucky and stumble upon it? I bet you traded them (at least for a bit) after that day...
  10. Bob111


    sorry..didn't know that these are options..anyway-there is still plenty of crazy bots before or after market close(i use to track them) that bid up or down for no reason whatsoever..the problem it that ranges are too narrow..but would be enough for dinner(like in your example) :p
    but not enough to buy a new MB after one day\month\year of trading. not worth the hassle..
    trading is not fun real volume,no real participants,no volatility..bots bots bots..fucking each other all day long
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