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  1. Is it just me or did everybody make a fortune today, and the worst part, i left a lot on the table

    last 2 weeks been great

    will this last longer ???

    should we worry, if its too good to be true, we gonna get f..ked later??

    like every day trader i know is getting paid, free money??

    alot of people writing i had my best day, everyday now, but if everybody is getting paid, who is losing??

    i mean im not complaing last 2 weeks been great, im just wondering it cant be that easy. it really cant be right???

    please give some serious answers.
  2. current environment is a traders dream. I have made more this week than I have in most previous months. Wont last for long though. Volatility will slowly decline. Get it while its hot.
  3. lot of vol, but of course -everyone- on ET is making $$$ hand over fist..

    ya right!!!

    vol doesn't come with guaranteed gains.. i'd like to see most traders try NG here.

    i bet most here are losing a ton. But today was a good day to be a bull. That is certain.
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    I don't buy it that big vol equals big profits for all traders. Bigger moves means the need for bigger stops.

    I'd imagine that those who did well today have strategies that don't incorporate stops.
  5. What are ya'll playing?
    I made dick today
  6. i dont mean only today, the big rally at the end, i mean just all those moves the last 2 weeks and this morning too

    and im not talking about traders on ET, i know a lot of traders in new york, in a lot of different prop and retail firms. and they all killing it.

    really how long will this last, like i said before im not complaining, but than again, if everybody is making money thats usually not a good sign
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    sold some SHLD puts that I bought yesterday, and played GOOG, OEX, QQQQ all short. I sold it all by around 12:30 and went outside to play ball with my boy. They key for me in this mkt is not to get too greedy as reversals can come fast and furious.

    Most days I've been going to cash eod as well, which is a change since i'm primarily a swing trader.

  8. I was having a great day, but ended up negative. I even let a 6 point profit trade turn into a breakeven trade. This volatility can definitely cause you to lose your discipline.
  9. UMBF's afternoon peak and valley was nice. I rode both sides. Morning shorts were good, but started getting shook after the bottom at lunch. I anticipate flat, uneventful charts coming shortly, the Dow probably confirmed that notion today. Volume without much volatility, then probably a continued downward slide after a dcb. maybe a fall rally, but I'm sceptical. Cramer is an idiot. RAI?
  10. OK killa, I'll tell you what you want to know. In exchange, I'm very interested in knowing about how much you & your peers have made over the past month. (Are we talking mid 5-figures over the past 3-4 weeks? Low six-figures? Some other number?)

    Anyways, I've said this here recently; For equity & equity index futures/derivatives traders, <b>August 2007 has been the absolute best trading market since the Golden Age (1998-2000).</b>
    That means the current conditions are so rare, I haven't seen a market this juicy in 7 years. Take what you can now, because it definitely won't stay this good for much longer.

    Who is losing: It's the investors. Short term/intra-day traders are taking all this money out of the pockets of the long-term investors. As an intra-day trader, you want the ratio of long term investor volume to short-term trader volume to be as high as possible, as it is right now.

    Now, would you please care to answer my question from the first paragraph? I'd like to see how I stack up...
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