Free Money Tues through Thurs

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thetraderprofit, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. As I will be in Tijuana Tues-Thurs, There will be plenty of $ to be made during that period.

    I feel it's important to take a break every once in a while so that I can leave something for everyone else.

    Consequently, as CASHONLY might say, 10% of your profits on these days are due and payable to me within 30 business days.
  2. Which whorehouse do we send the check?
  3. smokey_mcPaat

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    you must not be making that much if your exotic travel destination i live in san diego 20 minutes away and don't really ever go there.....gotta go further down the coast for some good times.....but dont worry i will make money while you are gone- you can fight me for it when you get back next week :D

    yeah- like metooxx said, enjoy the whoooras there :D i can just see it now- an hour is only a half point on a hundred shares........:D