Free Money Idea

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Informed, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Informed


    Share free lunch idea:

    For example:

    Short 2011, 2.5 put, If you short 100 and collect 2K premiums, that's 20% gain for 15 month. (You need to put down 10K on IB)

    DNDN cash value is 2.5, so it's kind of risk free
  2. :)
  3. maybe in sep 09 . it was 20 cents

    now it is 5 cents. the bid..

    so its not free lunch. only a drink.. lol

    but I did like the idea..
  4. Bob111


    last time I've seen risk free game -it was CC balance transfer one. this was a truly risk free,if you put the money into insured CD's(5+% APR rate at that time)
    that was fun..
    risk "free" options plays-yeah..right :p
  5. I got one,
    I got $10 free at a poker site as a sign up bonus, and played it up to $5,000
    then moved it to a broker and lost half of it,
    but I still have $2,500 totally risk free.
  6. see PEPSI PEP 40 strike put Jan 2011 for 50-60 cents

    how can u quickly find out how much money will be blocked by your account
    assuming u have NAKED put writing capability ?

    can u tell without loging to ur or any acct ?
  7. NONE! It's RISK FREE! lol