Free money... I will tell you where to find it

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  1. Trading is for losers.

    I kid you not, the exchanges is where the moneys at.
    daily ES volume 2 million average.
    1$ exchange fees for a trade
    YOU DO THE MATH :cool:
    CME makes 2 millionaires a day.

    Create your own exchange a.k.a. gambling casino, and you will be on your way to riches.
    That's right. An exchange is a LEGALIZED casino. :eek:

    These are the truest words of wisdom, YOU will ever read.:p
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    Apparently, you're one of them. :D
  3. touche! you got me there :D

    Seriously, let me put it this way. the only ones making the money are exchanges, brokers and marketers. Traders are chasing a dream, and alot of people take advantage of them.
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    Thats not true, at all. Most traders lose. I doubt only 2-3% make any real money. You need to hit the screens more.

    About exchanges and market makers, yea, they churn consistent dough through spreads and commissions. But show me a trader thats got 10 million+ in seed capital to start their own firm?

    This is it. If its not working, you need to look at something else. The biggest mistake I made - stuck around and tinkered with losing strategies for too long. Wasted a lot of time. You need the right paradigm, then tinker away.
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