Free money from wall street

Discussion in 'Options' started by Informed, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Informed


    Take for example, you can short DNDN 2010 2.5 puts @0.2 as many as possible, the money is free.
  2. sounds like a great way to blow up
  3. How is it free?

    Is it your opinion the stock cannot move lower, or is it an absolutely guaranteed fact?

  4. Darshan


    Mark if this is even a serious question on your part... back to the drawing board my friend...
  5. I absolutely love these quality trade ideas... Sell outstrikes till you can't see straight, 'cause it'll never get there. What can possibly be safer?
  6. "Secrets that the Big Traders Don't Want You to Know..."

    Just send $19.99 for details...
  7. cvds16


    I think I should start some kind of trading service like that: ask 250 USD for "trades that are free money and can't go wrong." I could sell it to gullible americans and when things explode ... ah, well, I am in Europe ... :D
  8. cvds16


    lol, you beat me to the idea traderzones ROFLMAO
    my ideas are higher quality though, that's why you have to pay more money :D
  9. gobar


    dude DNDN will never see 5 or 10 again thats for sure..

    this stock is going to atleast 50 by 2010.

    I was planning to buy 35 call Jan 2011 when stock was @ 20.

    damm should have bought those calls..
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    Picking up pennies in front of a steam roller----enjoy
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