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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Brandonf, Mar 25, 2008.

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    This is in response to another thread who's premise was you will not make any money following a "guru" or from a mentor who charges you money. Well as anyone who has followed me here know's I've worn both hats in my day and I could not disagree wtih the asertation made more. So, I'm looking for THREE traders who have been in the game awhile and have brought themselves to the breakeven point in the game. I will take 3 or so of you and mentor you free of charge until you get it. My schedual is obviously a little whacked out as I still manage 8 figures for clients and I have been dealing with major health problems the last year or so. At any rate, if your interested please let me know. We will document our progress here on ET for the community to see.
  2. A very generous offer Brandon! I do not know you, but you have been around ET a while, so I ask why you would waste your own precious time dealing w the parasites and vermon that sludge ET? There's like 97%-99% slime on ET, so odds are very strong you were baited by one of the many maggots. If you have health issues, take care of #1. You have nothing to prove to anyone here. Good luck working your fund.
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    Life changes, perogatives change. All kinds of things I suppose. For the most part thouhg I'd like to show that not everyone who has something to sell is a piece of shit, and I guess giving away for free to a few people is as good of a way of showing that as any. I'm also working on coming up with a best of brandon posts thing that I'll put up at some time. Its a little self endulgent I know, but at this point in my life I dont care.
  4. True. But when it comes to the markets, it's a good rule of thumb. In any event, your gesture is a good one, and I look forward to the periodic progress reports.
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    One quick note, I'm getting a lot of response from Daytraders and guys at Prop Shops. Unfortunatly if your not willing (or able ie a prop shop) to change styles to something longer term what I have will be of very little help to you. If I do have a daytrade its because I f'd up on the trade and had to reevaluate and realized I was wrong in the first place. So, to me a daytrade is simply a mistake. Ideally I will hold something for at least 3 or 4 days, and ideally several months. Make sure this is in line with what your looking for before you PM me. Also, keep in mind that while I will try to keep as regular a schedual as possible with you, it will not always be possible. I'm one of the lucky 47 million or whatever who is not insured and as Ive noted here on ET several times Ive been fighting some pretty serious health issues for nearly the last year. Luckily for me I have made a lot of money trading, so the doctors are able to do whatever they want since there is no insurance company bitching in the middle.

    Because of being sick, and also not being insured though the two #1 priorities I do have are getting to the doctor and getting better and to continue to have success with my money managment business so that the good folks at goal number one will continue to see my sick sorry ass.
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    The reason why he is willing to do that is to make ET stands as its name. This way is to gradually clean up the 'parasites' and therefore make them become Elite Trader, one day who know. :D

    Any way, this is very generous act. Not only the lucky three members will get the benefit, we all will as well, since we constantly learn new thing.

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    Hi Brad,

    I will be very interested in learning from you, not sure how you want to persue the mentoring process and what kind of person/personality you are looking for.

    I wish you luck with your health issues.
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    I've hit my capsity. I have a treatment in Iowa City on the 31st and I will probably be sick for 3 or 4 days after that. We will get started around the April 1st. In the meantime to all who have expressed interested and will be partaking in the group please read William Oneil's book How to make money in stocks, Stan Weinstiens Sectrets to profits in a bull and bear market, and Mark Bouchers The Hedge Fund Edge. If you want to brush up on your T/A (which is not my strong point) you could talk to Toni and and I'm sure she can point you in some good directions. Also be sure to listen to Gary Kaultbaums radio program, its archived and podcasted from his site .

    Thanks to all who showed interest. I'll be looking forward to working with you all. Also, as much as I hate supporting this piece of shit company, you also need to have Daily Graphs.
  9. I'm sure you were bombarded with PM's, so I'm jumping up and down waving my hands so you don't miss mine.___ :)
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    Your good. One person was still in collge and very close to graduation so I did not want to take him on till he finished. One of my biggest regrests is becoming a millionare when I was a sophmore in college and deciding I was to smart to keep going. So, I've told him he gets a rain check which I will honor. A few other people are @ prop firms, and Im pretty sure they will lose their backing if they are only making 4 to 6 trades a week, so they wont make the cut either, but everyone else has. The group will end up being around 16 since I dont have the heart to say no to someone who seem to really want help.
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