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    I am looking to train ONE person located in the USA or Can to work CET/NY hours with a view to offering a full time trading position.

    You will be home based and will have to support yourself during the initial training phase. If you pass my performance standards I will continue your training and provide everything you need from software to trading funds and you will be paid on a profit share basis.

    If you fail phase one it all ends there without obligation on either party.

    This is something like a day trading turtle opportunity and you will become part of an already established team.

    I am looking for those with day trading experience so I don't need to start from scratch. If you are reasonably close to break even that's fine. Complete disasters and dreamers need not apply.

    Please reply by PM giving details of your intraday trading experience, your trading time frame, what you base your technique on, your performance and why you would like this position.

    Day trading failures will be considered provided it's not spectacular failure!
  2. RedDuke


    Welcome to ET.

    I think your proposal is great, if it is for real (gotta treat it with a grain of salt).

    You will probably get many replies, it is just to tempting for many people.

    Do you mind sharing in general terms how you trade?

    Bets of Luck.

  3. There are two+ problems with your proposal

    1) You are completely anonymous and offer no proof or credentials of your own abilities or success. And you have 1 post.

    2) You didn't have enough money to advertise, so you had to SPAM this forum. Says a lot about your success, doesn't it?

    I will say the REAL reason for your post is likely to intro people to some kind of service or "biz opportunity" (aka Better Trades or Investools style) to your own financial benefit).
  4. axehawk


    Not sure why he would have to advertise when he's only seeking one trader.
  5. RedDuke


    You could be right of course. But I agree with earlier poster, makes no sense to advertise when you only need 1 trader. I would suggest PM OP, and see what this is all about, if interested.
  6. Thanks for the replies thus far, keep 'em coming :)

    Some good quality replies so this offer will close on Sunday midnight and I will contact everyone next week and tell you if you have or have not been successful at this stage.

    Other opportunities will become available in about 3 - 4 months time.

    To answer some questions, there are no fees and I have nothing to sell. I already have a team that I met and trained from ET and as it has worked well and as I only have 1 place available ET seemed a great place to look for that trader.

    I don't want to advertise for a single position and be inundated.

    Why don't I just keep it private and trade it myself? We are scaling up to trade many markets with teams for each market. One trader in one timezone is too limiting a factor.

    Phase 1 has a focus on PA that will be above anything I have seen in ET. If you grasp it and can make it work then we move up several gears.

    All fast progress to the point stuff with zero padding and crap like Hershey. But SCT traders are welcome lol.I make live calls and demonstrate what to do and everyone has said they either thought it was impossible or believed it was possible but never saw it done live before or understood how it was done.

    All the techniques are my own so you won't have seen the intermediate to advanced stuff before.

    Thanks again for taking the time to stop by here :)
  7. Just a little reminder that I asked 5 questions and it's helpful to me if you answer them... it also helps your chances of success.

    Many thanks
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  9. Umm, so you are setting up a nonprofit charity effort? Or are you trying to set up people to help your personal profitability? This certainly did not sound like an altruistic post. You are setting up a business venture.

    I would warn people not to give even $1 to this person. Something smells.
  10. Trading is all about making money. I'm in it for the money. The trader is in it for the money. I train, provide in-house software, provide the funding and we split the profits.

    I thought that was simple and clear. I agree, if I charge $1 or more come back to this thread and tell everyone it's a scam.

    If the training is same old, same old... come back and say you've seen it all before. If the software is what you've seen before, come back and say it was nothing special.

    If there's not lots of edges come back and tell the world it was just like all the other prop houses.

    This is for transparency but it's as far as I can go as what we do is private. Thanks Traderzones for helping me clarify points of concern because I want thinkers who can contribute and not yes men.
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