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    Would you like for me to do another?

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    Happy Holidays ET community!

    Since there is still a great need within the trading community and due to the fact that I still receive request for training I would like to offer my assistance to anyone that asks. If you are new to trading or a seasoned trader and would like some "one on one" mentoring please feel free to post your vote here and/or PM me.

    If we could get some sort of consensus on problem areas and individual needs we can better focus our concentration on those areas within the overall group.

    The 1st group of traders who took advantage of the last offer are doing great. Now you too have that same opportunity to improve your trading without it costing a dime!

    You DON'T have to spend $$$Thousands on course work material and seminars or videos.

    All that I ask is that once you become comfortable with the basics and have mastered the art of trading that you then mentor another trader and willingly teach them all that you have learned .......FOR FREE!!!

    After Jan 31st 2004 the offer is off the table for mentoring.
    This offer is not limited to numbers of participants since it will be conducted either by way of Live Demo style instruction and/or Realtime Trade Journal.

    This is NOT a marketing campaign.
    This is NOT a joke.
    There are no strings attached.
    There is NO arterial motive.

    *You will NOT be charged one red cent!
    You will never be cross sold products or fee for services...EVER!

    This is NOT a get rich quick scheme or "holy grail" system give away!

    This is 100% instructional "realtime" trade mentoring.

    This is my way of giving back to the trading community.

    Because I have time constraints and am active in my own personal trading I can not go beyond the scope of my offer.

    I am sure my serial ET stalker friends will now post their garbage. Lets see how long it takes the usual suspects to show up?

  2. You forgot to add "neither" as an option for the poll. That is my vote.
  3. It depends on what your definition of "free" means. Still no website? The money you have been making personally trading with your PulseScam system since your last journal must enough for you to get your own website? Hmmm, I guess not. Let's troll instead on someone else's website.

    Is the PulseScam new and improved?
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    I vote NEITHER.
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  6. Neither. And, judging by the vote count thus far, T-Rex has at least 7 aliases here on ET!

  7. T-Rex was great in "Back to School" and "Caddy Shack II".:D

  8. Hey T-REX, I'd like to see another demo, I missed the last one you had and would like to see your methodology in action & please ignore the negativity seen so far in this thread. Looking forward to your demo.

    This message is to all members, I think when a member offers help/trading methods of any type on these forums they should be welcomed. If you don't agree with the methods then don't follow the thread, simple as that (just like changing the channel on TV if you don't like the programming). I am fairly new to et but in my time here I have seen a lot of bashing rather than people helping people, I believe the founders of this forum had the latter in mind. This forum could be a better place collectively if some members could put aside egos and petty differences and try to learn from/help other members.
    Be Merry, it's Christmas! :D :D
  9. Neither
  10. Whoops. I mean 8 aliases.
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