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  1. Anyone involved or have been asked to join the Free Mason's? I was approached a few times, but seem to find mixed thoughts about the Free Mason's. I have also read Gann was a 33rd degree mason. Anyone have any input or knowledge of this?
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    Join if you enjoy being ass raped by Satan. It's ritualistic bull shit for losers in life who feel like they need to "belong".

    Yes, that's the reason they ask you if you belive in a God.
  3. um i didn't say anything about joining you idiot, and there is no ass raping going on.
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    I went to a retirement party for a judge, I never knew he was a Mason at all. Bunch of guys pretty much saying "hang 'em first and sort them out later". They are reputed to have a lot of judges and I heard stories that all you do in court is wear your Masonic ring and you are going to get off easy. I watch these non-masonic managers where I work, they struggle, they fail, then a Masonic guy on the fast track gets promoted into the job and all of a sudden everything is rosy. Personally, I think it's the best of all possible networking schemes.

    The Baptists always tell guys to make up their mind, either it's the Masons or Jesus, not both.

    Gann's son said that Gann was full of bullshit BTW, made more money with his occultish lessons than trading.
  5. Now this is conversation. Thank you for your story it is appreciated.

    "The Baptists always tell guys to make up their mind, either it's the Masons or Jesus, not both."

    Odd i met a few that follow Muslim religion, Christianity, Catholicism, etc....

    perhaps this is my confusion about the whole thing.
  6. some info:
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  8. Exactly...

    You don't get "asked to join" as the originator of this thread suggested before he edited his post.

    The guy is obvious

  9. If you meet a freemason through business or sociallyy and you get to know them, many often suggest to you that you should look into joining.

    It's close enough.

  10. Really, can you expound on your experience?

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