Free Markets?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by TSSOX, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. TSSOX


    Again, can someone explain how does baby sitting WST by it's big brother (Berni Fed) fits into Free Market's theory?
    How does hand holding to delay a fall helps avoid the future fall(that's not how we learned to walk!)? It works just like Gaps, leave a hole and it will be filled...
    $INX = 1188 imminent!
  2. Economic "conservatives" espouse Adam Smith/Milton Friedman "free markets" and competition, but denounce taxes, and "big government" with all it's evil regulatory fiduciaries along with judicial tort.

    ...That is until its time to hand out the tax-payer provided subsidiaries; the tax loopholes to big business; the no-bid contracts; or otherwise bail-out a gross failure in a free-market principal.

  3. mokwit


    Privare profits, socialised losses. Protectionaism and cartels for clique members, free market competition for the peons.

    America looks increasing like the crony capitalist societies of S. E. Asia that it was so critical of, where the country is run for the benefit of a few families and there is a heirachical social structure (Clique and peons). Sound familiar?