Free Lunch for FNYS traders

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  1. I am looking to get the inside scoop on FNYS and I would like to actually talk to someone there, perhaps even over lunch at Smith & Wolensky or elsewhere after the close.

    I promise to try to ask semi-intelligent questions and not just give you my resume...

    Come on, if you work there, you can't just pass up a free lunch???

    PM/email me at

    Anybody else reading this thread that knows anything about FNYS, I would love to read your feedback.

    (Oh, and yes, I have read all the threads on this board, and pretty much all over the web, on this firm).

  2. If its a free lunch then every trader within 50 miles will surely be there even if they don't know what a FN thingy is.
  3. so how about this. I'll buy lunch or dinner also so between the two of us, two traders can eat nice!!
  4. Sometimes its very hard to give away something free. I once saw an ad for a free wine tasting with food in a newspaper. Naturally, I showed up and you would not believe it. It was sponsored by some Italian wine importers assoc. There were 50 wineries all serving really good catered food.

    The weird thing was there were no lines and it was not that crowded. This was at a major downtown hotel. They were handing out free wine and food for several hours, no catch, no survey to fill out, nothing!
  5. QuoteBoy, I tried emailing you but you have emailing turned off.

    Actually, I think that's a good plan: contact me at the email address above, and we can figure out how to lure more traders....

  6. sorry about that, email or PM me.
  7. rs7


    I could be wrong, my memory isn't what it used to be. But I think in "Trading in the Zone", Mark Douglas talked about how an experiment went in NY where some guy on the street with a sign "free money" couldn't give it away!

    Is my recollection correct? I know a lot of you guys read this book. Was this the source of the story?

    Anyway, apparently it is hard to give away something for free. If it wasn't in that book, it was in another trading book about the psychology of trading (or of traders, which is to say....people).
  8. Why are so interested in FNYS?
  9. Come on FNYS guys n gals, Had a bad day in the market, need a free lunch? Had a good day, need to show off?

    Come out and vent on us unsuspecting newbyes, contact me above...
  10. disheartened,
    I'm interested in learning about FNYS because I am thinking of working there and would like to know what the environment is like...
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