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  1. Guys,

    any reccommendataions on datafeeds that have real-time and historical data that we can use for application development?


  2. IQFeed and eSignal have datafeeds available. Also, if you have an Interactive Brokers account, you can use their API. IB's EOD data is for 1 year.

    Alternately, you can write to QuoteTracker API and be able to get Level I, as well as news and historical intraday & EOD data from any source QuoteTracker supports (including the ones above). There is no fee for QT API. Just need to have a registered version of QT.

    QT API docs at:

    Trading API specific docs at:

    IQFeed's own API info:

    eSignal's own API info:

    IB API:
    then click on "Application Program Interface in the left pane
  3. thanks for in the info.

    Unfortunately, the above links only have microsoft interfaces/.(VB,C#, etc.) Aren't there any with generic feeds?(Java, XML, WebDAV, etc.)
  4. IB will work with any platform. Others will all require a windows component. At this time, nothing can be done about that. We are always mentioning to the brokers and data vendors that a straight through API (network protocol) is preferable to having a windows component being the go-between. Not much luck so far.

    You can still write your app in whatever language/development environment you want, as long as its on a Windows machine.

    In the case of QT, one other thing that can be done is to have QT running on one computer and connecting to it from another computer. QT API is via a Socket connection, so you can communicate with it from whatever OS you want.
  5. thanks for the direction. much appreciated!
  6. bitrend


    This one is a brand new business model, free. All you need to pay is the exchange fee, $2 per month for realtime quote provided by NASD level I and NYSE. If you don't want to pay anything you just subscribe for realtime ECN only.