Free LIVE ROOM access through July 29th with Ken Calhoun

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    Hi - for all who are curious, feel free to try my live room experience absolutely free from now through the end of the month! No cc needed. I use the popular zoom platform. We cover stocks and ETFs, mostly $5-$40/share, like PTON MARA NIO SNAP CCL AMC DKNG SQQQ/TQQQ UVXY SOXS etc

    Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 11am + 3:30-4pm ET


    step 1: download/run
    step 2: click zoom icon on desktop
    step 3: click blue 'Join' square box
    step 4: enter meeting id: 864 9619 4312
    pass: team123

    zoom help:

    my workstation view: ttoworkstation20july.jpg

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    we start soon, at 8:30amET... i'll be there til 11am

  3. Pekelo


    What do you do between 11 am and 3 pm?
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  5. The same thing ....everyone.... does.....between 11 am and 3 pm,

    Fantasize about making more and more money, staring at porn, eating, taking a shower, brushing our teeth, staring at things we want to buy or plan to buy, staring at news websites and headlines, thinking about life/society/humanity, staring at the market index....wishing we could have nailed those precise buy points and get rich, thinking about buying a pet or Siamese cat, staring at homes on Zillow, watching movies on Tubi, browsing eBay for your next Ipad or iphone purchase, wishing we had a bigger dick and no impotence, wishing we had more hair and muscles and perfect teeth,
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  6. %%
    Looking @ Warner Washington 's VA farm \sold for $4.3 million , in 2014; starting bid 2022, about 4 million wow @ auction RE loss maybe?? Maybe not. 60 miles from DC\hi [dem run]crime area.
    11-3 CST= sell SPXL profit\cut smaller+ scale out loss on SPXU daytrade.
    SPXL upro SPXU,SPXS look ok for bear rally= better than food.
    IF i was buying another farm, most likely not near a dem run city; SBUX sold some profitable stores lately , LA, DC...................................................................................................
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    7/22 watchlist: SNAP MARA NIO TQQQ/SQQQ and more
  8. nursebee


    Post a few recent years of your audited trade results, then I will consider.
  9. nursebee


    Heck go ahead and make it your tax returns showing P and L and taxes paid. Don't just show 41M in trades, that could be at a loss.
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    Like in the garden? Or what kind?


    I think you are trading way too many stocks, making your broker happy. Why not just trade the QQQs or NQ, instead of 10 tech companies?
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