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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by pipalot, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Dear Fellow Traders,

    There is a chat room on Skype where a number of us full-time traders hang-out. We chat about trading, share ideas and simply enjoy each other's company (beware, we often pass the time between trades with a lot of sarcasm... haha).

    If you want to join us (it is free) then send me a private message.

    Best wishes,

  2. There are hundreds of free chat rooms online on skype, IRC, twitter et cetera that are public and private...all free.

    You should at least post a entire trading day chat log for traders to determine if they want to contact you especially since you're soliciting ET members to join without providing any info about what's usually being discussed in the chat room....stocks, futures, forex, options, CNBC bashing ???

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    Thanks for your input Mark (NihabaAshi).

    At present the room is made up of guys trading products such as forex (mostly GBPUSD, EURUSD), S&P Mini and WTI Crude Oil, doing intraday swing and scalp trades.

    The room started as a small group of guys, we mostly knew each other as full-time traders long before the room started in March 2009. The aim is to hangout with other fulltime traders. We have participants from various places...UK, USA, Australia and Germany...

    The reason I have just started to mention our group in the forum is because I thought that maybe there could be other full-time traders who would enjoy the company and opportunity to share ideas with like-minded folks. The camaraderie is nice.

    We generally use IM, rather than audio.

    Re: "You should at least post a entire trading day chat log..." As it is a private room, I don't think that would be fair to the participants. Also, some of the sarcasm between friends is probably not really something one would post into a public forum!

    Best wishes,
  4. If you can't share the log so that traders can see what they're getting's probably best not to go to a public forum looking for members. Simply, there's different levels of privacy and the one you're suggesting is that there's information in the chat room that's being shared that you don't want others to read...reason why you don't want to post a log.

    If that's the scenario...don't solicit a public forum for new members. :D

    As for the sarcasm...a few minutes of editing it out of your archived log so that you can show potential members one log is very easy to do...assuming you do maintain an archive log.

    Good luck with the chat room considering many ET members are already members of one or several chat rooms that are free.

    Tip: Best to solicit for members after the holidays and don't do it at ET (it's against the rules). Further, December and April usually are the worst times for traders because realities of trading hits much harder than other months.

    Happy Holidays and a Good New Year!

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    Thanks again Mark for your input and I too wish you a very happy holiday and good trading in the new year...