Free Level II With Tradescape?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by version77, Dec 6, 2001.

  1. Anyone here have an opinion on Tradescape? Commissions
    don't seem to be too bad. Looks like it could get a little
    pricy if you want big shares of NYSE stocks... $.02 a share.

    And you wouldn't want to use ARCA, only $1.00 per 100sh
    added to their base commission of $1.50 per 100sh up to

    And Island, an extra 25 cents per hundred added on...

    Maybe these guys are too pricey!

  2. Their trading platform is Mickey Mouse
  3. I used Tradescape for several months. Execution was about average. Like Candle said, their software sucks but I had a separate data feed, using them simply for execution. The problem I had was with freezeups but the problem was my connection. As long as youve got broadband your probably alright. When I discovered IB I changed immediately. Support was pretty good.
  4. Turok


    I used Tradescape for several months as well. They were my first broker and they SUCKED!!!

    I don't believe I had a single day without software problems.

  5. I have heard their software freezes quite often. I guess that
    would make up for the "free" Level II...

    You would think they could have software that doesn't space
    out. Reminds me of QuoteTracker. It likes to hang often. It is
    like one big long beta test in action...

    The Tradescape platform still looks the same as it did what, 2
    years ago? Why don't they update the darn thing...

    No wonder it freezes!