free island, arca books going away?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by gaj, Jul 21, 2006.

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    i saw something recently on arca's site which indicated their bookviewer was going away soon. then today, i saw this on island's site:

    <b>"The INET BookViewer®

    Notice to BookViewer customers: Pending SEC approval, beginning September 1, 2006, INET BookViewer and related order data will no longer be available for free on any public site. You will be able to access this data via the NASDAQ Workstation or the NASDAQ Cross Net Order Imbalance Indicator Website. The data is also available via many other market data providers and broker/dealers. "</B>

    does anyone know why? my reason for preferring to route through island/arca has been partly because of their free bookviewer, which i use in conjunction with my realtick level 2...

    it's funny, too - nasdaq's workstation is "also extremely affordable. The low cost of $525* per user"... *cough* .

    thanks for any info. i've got to blip them a note...
  2. It's time for the original ISLD boys to come out & create another new open ECN with free bookviewers.
  3. I use the Toplists on the inet site, and after seeing your post noticed this on the Toplist page:

    "Users please note: The toplists will be available on the NASDAQ Trader website as of September 1, 2006."

    The NASDAQ Trader site is set up very poorly, so it is hard to figure out. But it does appear they will be charging - and alot - for what was free info.

    Very bizarre. Let us know if you hear anything.

  4. gaj


    well, i blipped a note, and i'll post (about it) if i hear anything...
  5. gaj


    and here's the content.

    (no, i'm not including the person who sent it/etc.)

    <b>Thank you for the email. We appreciate your comments but we have made a
    decision to apply a fee for the service.

    Below are instructions if you want to subscribe to the service. </B> (rest snipped)

    yeah, *right*...

    think complaining to the sec would help? it's "pending sec approval" - but i know that a TON of people complained to the sec about the stupid PDT rules, and that accomplished absolutely nothing.
  6. what do you expect ?

    exchanges are in the business of making money for their shareholders now !

    expect their greed and their ridiculous data fees to reach ever higher heights ! did you hear about PHLX charging website sper viewers for their indexes !!!

    what will happen when those stocks are way down !? They should not have been allowed to go public and then make markets in their own stocks ! like the NYSE which pumped up their stock as much as they could on CNBC at the IPO all with the blessing of CNBC and the SEC
  7. but the exchanges have been for-profit for some time now, and it is possible that competition and public scrutiny by shareholders will keep prices low...

    they all own each other anyway ;) - Goldman being the biggest dog on the block, imo.
  8. If the exchanges get away with it then the malls should start charging an admission fee to go shopping.
  9. I think this is BS... the arca book is no good... just the same as seeing the regular book on lvl 2... but the ISB book viewer did help a lot if you where in the line... I know many traders that prefer ISB over BRUT, ARCA, or any other ecn just because of the book viewer.

    I guess TRAC or some one else is going to see this as an oportunity to take marketshare form Island.
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