Free is not always free: LIBERA MANIFESTO

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, Apr 21, 2003.


    I decided to start this list when I heard that SHYFONTS.COM closed due to the following reasons. I knew he wasn't alone:

    "I just wasn't receiving that much support from my users. Everybody kept downloading all of the fonts, but never supported the site. I'd get almost 2,000 hits a day and no one would really click an ad or buy one of our shirts (only one person ever bought a shirt). What made it worse, with the traffic I received, hardly anybody ever sent me an email just to say 'thanks.' I just couldn't afford to keep the site up anymore. It really sucks too, because I've spent a lot of time and effort on ShyFonts."
    We really don't ask for that much.

    P.S.: this is also the very reason why I have stopped my free site of 3000 subscribers 3 years ago (which cost me about 500$ / per month at that time because it was still RTC ). And I don't count to make any free site any more. I have stopped long before others do and was criticised to do so now every site just realise it : many will have to close one after another.