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  1. I'm going to start a FREE investing newsletter now, no obligations, no subscriptions, no personal info needed, just go to my profile and send me an email.

    The format will be something like:

    Stocks recommended: High/Medium/Low risk(I will post buys AND sells)

    Outlook for market and sectors

    Outlook for economy

    Commodities and other Misc.

    I will give weekly reports in this format, though if something big occurs, I will send an Intra-week notice.

    This service will be free of charge for the time being(I doubt I'll start charging anytime soon)

    Again, if you're interested, go to my profile and send me an email, or just post your email here.
  2. Bump.
    46 subscribers in 1 week.
    No complaints, no one unsubscribing.
  3. 111 subscribers. There has been one complaint and I deleted him from the subscriber list
    The high risk equity model portfolio gained 7.7% this week, despite a fall in the market indices(I anticipated that)
    During the last 13 weeks,
    High risk equity model portfolio up 29.3% Medium risk up 9.8% Low risk up 28.74% Commodities up 43.85% and Forex up 904 pips
    is the link to all the former weekly issues, doesn't include intraweek issues though.