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  1. Hello Traders,
    I'm a pro with 7+ years of experience in the market. I want to help out retail traders. So, here I post some intraday and swing trades with good momentum.
    Hope it benefits you.

    Date: 21.07.2020

    Pair: GBPJPY
    Action: BUY

    Open Price: 136.321
    Target Price: 136.632
    Stop Loss: 136.002

    New Buy Order Placed @ 136.321
  2. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    How does this help a retail trader if you do not share your process to make the decision you made?
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  3. maxinger


    It seems to be a rather late entry.
    best time to long it was about 24 hours ago, during early European session.
    price has already gone up by about 150 pips

    all the best mister.
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  4. Tall Mike

    Tall Mike


    Can you also get the winning numbers for tomorrow's mega millions? LOL jk
  5. easymon1


    Pictures! we loves em. got one?
    how's that bad boy doin?
  6. maxinger


    This is quite a common mistake ; late entry
    due to lack of confidence / alertness, hesitation ...

    market might be kind to give us 2nd chance to enter
    but mostly market is heartless & don't give us 2nd chance.
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  7. Elly9


    We have to be super alert. Can't miss opportunities.
  8. easymon1


    there's always another train leaving the station. relax and remain aware. follow your trading plan.
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  9. Date: 23.07.2020

    Pair: AUDJPY
    Action: SELL

    Open Price: 76.454
    Target Price: 76.001
    Stop Loss: 76.900

    New Buy Order Placed @ 76.454
  10. Signal Closed at @76.900 with 35 Pips profit.
    #10     Jul 23, 2020