Free Intraday Delayed Scanners ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TraderBob, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. Does anyone know of any free intraday scanners on a 15-20 min delay basis ? Looking to trade the 30 min opening gaps so the delayed scan would suffice........Thx
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  3. Nkhoi,

    I'll check them out !
  4. Watch CNBC, they are usually delayed! But, alas, they are not free :(

    It is with sheer irresolution that I ponder why CNBC constitutes a major element in the daily diet of the daytrader (the other element being coffee)...
  5. <i>the other element being coffee</i>

    Coffee can be counter productive as well. A trading floor is the only place I have ever heard someone say, "Man, that was the most expensive piss I ever took!" (after making a trading decision based upon their need to answer nature's call)

    Oh, and so that I am not so blatantly off-topic, here's the intraday scanner at cbs marketwatch, fwiw:
  6. Thanks. Looks like it may be of some value but what I'd like to do is screen for gappers at the open (15-20 min delay is ok). Its screening criteria doesn't seem to offer that, unless I'm missing something.
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  8. Jaba 122,

    Good idea. I had forgotten about that site. They have may useful links including one for stock screeners that should provide me with what I need. Thanks again.
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