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  1. Anyone knows any webpage has free realtime chart for the main international indices like cac40, dax, asx200, etc. Yahoo has the indices but there are delay.
  2. ram


    You can sign up for a NinjaTrader/ZenFire account with either Amp or Mirus Futures. It remains free as long as you're using the simulator only.
  3. Realtime data costs money, whether you pay for an independent charting software or you put money into a trading account and use their charting software.

  4. just21


    The ticker on bloomberg tv is realtime and has the indexes and futures you want.
  5. Jym


    this is the best free realtime site I know about but it mostly just has the NYSE stocks and ETFs

    And the simulator for Ninjatrader does have free realtime charts and quotes even without a funded account.
    I'm not entirely sure how long the demo lasts though. Other software I've tried had a 15 day limit but I never saw a limit for that demo.

    And charts are in real time on their papermoney demo but watchout since some of the other quotes on the site aren't in real time so make sure you know what you're looking at if you end up trying to use them for data.

    But eitherway a good charting program is more than worth the money but these are a good place to start
  6. Does the zenfire and mirus has international indices like asx200, ftse100, dax30, etc and not just us indices on thinkorswim. Any webpage that is webbase like barchart, stockchart, etc but they just offer us indices
  7. david22


    try broco trader, they offer ftse and dax