Free Historical and Real-Time Tick-by-Tick Data

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by MatthiasBeckman, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Full disclosure: I am working at Integral but how often do you get something for free of value?
  2. Interesting. How much data do you plan to add?

    How is the data different from your FXInside ecn?
  3. Historical data will go back to eventually early in 2008. The data stream is from FX Grid. The stream is comprised of retail-oriented inter-bank rates.
  4. Had a look at the demo today.

    Its really nicely done. Spreads are good (seem to be even tighter than on the website sometimes), its got a marketdepth display, lots of ordertypes, easy orderentry and a really convenient visual chart-trading feature.

    But if the other firms are going to charge the same commissions as RCG, i guess it wont draw too much attention. A newcomer competes against Interactive Brokers and Oanda and the likes, doesn't make much sense like this, in my opinion.