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    Or not.

    IRS Ready to Collect Billions From Insurers Under Obamacare

    "The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released its proposal Friday to garner billions of dollars through annual fees on health insurers as part of the Affordable Care Act.

    Industry groups are quite upset, arguing that the fees will be passed along to consumers, The Hill reports...

    ...AHIP estimates that the fee would help push up the average family’s health insurance bill by $300 next year and more than $500 in following years."
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    They don't call it "The Unaffordable Health Care Act" for nothing.
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    Aren't they always?

    It still amazes me that there were/are sheeple gullible enough to think government run healthcare is going to be an improvement, in ANY regard.
  4. Going to a doctor is actually rather stupid nowadays unless you have something acute. Medicine has fallen far behind the Alternative Health Industry. Big Pharma has to spend billions to bring something to market and it has to be patentable. That reduces their ability to compete tremendously. They stay on top by using the Public Sector and the MSM as their schills. Obamacare was written by lobbyists, same as nearly all of our bills are.

    Nowadays, the alternative health industry can avail itself of research being done all over the world. One can buy supplements,herbs, and books and take care of most chronic illnesses. Doctors hate people that do that so you have to learn to not mention it to them.

    I used a doctor for a cataract operation and he did a great job, otherwise, forget it, they are dangerously out of control and cutting a very wide swath through the population. I know lots of seniors. The dumb ones that are too lazy to learn enough to choose herbs and supplements are terribly addicted to the healthcare system which is dedicated to keeping them just alive enough so that they can be useful for getting payments out of the Public Sector typically.

    The last politician that tried to put the Alternative Health industry under control of the Leftist government was John McCain. The backlash was far stronger than any of these brain dead marxist politicians expected, McCain went off the radar for quite awhile.. after that. For some reason the NFL was a sponsor of that bill. They made undying enemies when they did that.
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    For the people which get their shit for free (+47%) its an improvement.

    ObamaCare Insurance Premiums

    How ObamaCare Affects Health Insurance Premiums

    ObamaCare Insurance premiums are a sore subject with many readers, however ObamaCare insurance premium increases are a response to the protections offered by ObamaCare. The primary cause of the insurance premium rate hikes seems to be the mandate to cover high-risk consumers, such as Americans with pre-existing conditions. Obamacare is insurance reform aimed at making insurance more affordable, it actually enacts a number of provisions to protect consumers against insurance premium rate hikes.

    Let's take a look at ObamaCare insurance premiums, why your provider may be raising your rates and how to acquire Affordable health insurance that is protected under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

    We have the facts on ObamaCare Insurance Premiums. ObamaCare does not increase insurance premiums, in fact the law states that as of 2011 insurance companies are no longer be able to raise insurance premiums for the sake of profit (this is ObamaCare's rate review provision). If they do raise premiums they will have to justify rate hikes of over 10% to the state they operate in and then disclose this information immediately on their website and If the State does not have an effective rate review program the Federal Government will step in.

    ObamaCare Insurance Premium Rate Hikes

    The most common letter we get at ObamaCare Facts is from Americans who are outraged that ObamaCare has raised their insurance premiums. The truth is ObamaCare isn't to blame, in fact ObamaCare helps curb the increasing costs of premiums via the rate review provision, the 80/20 rule and other protections implemented in 2014.

    ObamaCare regulates health insurance companies, not your health care. In other words Government offers protections, but is not in control of your health care... You are!

    Some insurance companies are using the confusion over ObamaCare to raise premiums on unsuspecting Americans in order to capitalize before more protections are put in place, grand fathering people into more expensive plans. This is in response to protections going into effect in 2014 and the need to cover more high-risk Americans. If this has happened to you please tell us who your insurer is and give us some other background so we can continue to investigate who is behind this.

    Note On Health Insurance Premiums: Your provider can "grandfather you in" by upping your premium now and keeping it that way once the insurance cap protections kick in in 2014. They can also grandfather you into plans that don't provide coverage options that are required under the Affordable Care Act.

    Health Insurance Plans Bought Before 2010

    If you have an older plan you may be grandfathered into a plan that is not eligible for certain protections of ObamaCare. These protections include rate hike reviews and essential benefits.

    ObamaCare Insurance Premium Rate Hikes Facts

    • Many people are finding their Premiums rising at alarming rates. People with high-end plans may continue to see higher prices on their plans moving forward, while low to middle income Americans and employees will see an Average savings of 60% of their premiums due to subsidies, tax credits and up-front assistance. Customers in States utilizing rate review provisions and setting up an insurance exchanges are projected to save the most.

    • While some states like Washington and California have saved their constituents tens of Millions, others like Texas have saved $2k via the Rate Review provision.

    • 44 States and Washington D.C. have effective Rate Review programs. Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Missouri, Arizona, Louisiana and Alabama do not. Virginia has a partial effective program.

    • Some rate increases have made insurance unaffordable for Americans. Additional protections don't start until 2014.

    • Holding insurance companies accountable, rate review and the 80/20 rule yielded an estimated $2.1 billion in savings in 2012 alone. However this is very disproportionately from one State to the next, with many saving nothing and others saving tens of millions.

    • Insurance companies have to disclose how funds are being spent. They must spend a minium of 80% on healthcare or give consumers a rebate for the difference. This is known of the 80/20 rule and has saved Americans $1.1 Billion as of Sept., 2012.

    • The rapid appeals provision let's you repeal any claim from insurance companies within days, giving customers legal standing to fight the appeal and helping to curb insurance premium costs.

    • The Rate Review rules apply to new plans in the individual and small group markets. (If you are in a health plan that existed on March 23, 2010, your plan may be a grandfathered plan, which is exempt from the Rate Review rules.)

    • Starting September 1, 2012, each state may have its own minimum premium increase that requires a review, based on the state's unique premium trends, health care cost trends, and other factors.

    • If your state doesn't have a Rate Review program, or has a Rate Review program that is ineffective, the federal government will conduct Rate Reviews in your state.

    • A 13 million Americans have received rebates do to the 80/20 rule

    ObamaCare Insurance Reform: Health Insurance Rate Review ("Price Gouging") Protections Explained

    Price gouging a term referring to seller prices goods or commodities (in this case health insurance) much higher than is considered reasonable or fair. This rapid increase in prices occurs after a demand or supply shock. In this case the passing of ObamaCare and it's looming protections offered in the bill are causing the companies to try to rapidly increase the price of health insurance.

    Part of the Affordable Care Act includes a "rate review" provision. This means that when a health insurance company proposes a rate increase of 10% or more it must be gone over a group of independent experts.

    If the reviewers feel insurance price increases are unreasonable, the states can try to decrease the proposed increases or deny them outright. For instance Connecticut reduced a proposed Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield increase from 12.9 percent to 3.9 percent.

    If your rates do go up, health insurance providers must post the insurance rate hikes and the justification on their website and on

    The disclosure process associated with the "rate review" is intended to help consumers to "shop" for private insurance particularly on the health insurance exchanges.

    Experts say the information will help consumers shop around for health plans, particularly when state health insurance "exchanges" are scheduled to open in 2014. As of Sept. 2012 the rate review provision has saved Americans $1 billion, in States that are enforcing the law.

    Purchasing Affordable Health Insurance Through the Insurance Exchange

    Starting Oct 1st, 2013 is the ObamaCare online health insurance exchange where all Americans can buy affordable quality health insurance. Those under the 400% FLP and employers will be able to use subsidies to purchase plans at an average of 60% less than they pay now.

    All Americans (including Congress) will be able to buy their insurance through the exchange as long as they are above the poverty level (those Americans will be covered under Medicaid expansion). Anyone (except congress) can opt out and keep their current health insurance, pay a tax, purchase private insurance or stay on their private insurance.

    The ObamaCare Insurance Exchanges Online Market Place is implemented in 2014 health insurance premiums are projected to drop dramatically for many Americans. The exchanges encourage competition which is projected to drive down the rates of All Americans.
  7. What do you have against thinking? Without thinking we will never find a better way.
    Our health care system is fraudlent, keeping the same ol same isn't a smart option, IMO.
    When something doesn't work properly it is only natural to "think" about options. I haven't seen any "thinking" from the right on how to improve healthcare.
    My thoughts are single payer with unhealty activities and eating priced with the health care cost built into the purchase, a pay as you go plan. Seems very fair to me and might even encourage more healthy eating habits. The fatties who live on fast food and bacon and all you can eat breadsticks pay much more health care premiums than those who eat healthy, this might make too much sense for either side.
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    Even a moron knows that anything the government get involved in costs more and and is multiples more inefficient than the free market. i.e. Costs more, runs worse.
  9. I know your job here is to keep the threads moving with abrassive statements. In this case an unproven and unprovable statement.
    Just more empty words mr pspr.
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    EVERYBODY knows that truth. EVERYBODY. So don't make such foolish statements BA.

    BTW, how is Amtrak going?

    How about the SS reserves? Gone!

    And take a look at a chart about when Medicare is going to take every tax dollar. You'll live to see it.
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