"free groceries are now being sought by middle-class people"

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  1. Stock market doesn't care about the economy
  2. True, I found that out over the last 2 years the hard way.
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    I feel like if food prices were low this guy would be a writing a column on how a poor farmer can't afford to send his kids to college.

    And his ridiculous idea that exxon should pay for people's gas. How about something realistic like less government support for ethanol, which would help reduce fuel prices.

    He doesn't seem to understand how capitalism works.
  4. accocding to the "experts" there is no recesion until we have 2 negative quartes of GDP...According to Cali where I RESIDE, the may be a BIGTIME "correction"...here now....
  5. "According to the Labor Department, the average cost of groceries is climbing at an annual rate of about 5%, the sharpest increase in 18 years. Average weekly earnings are rising at an annual rate of 3.3%."

    US consumers spent 7.1% of their total expenses on 'Food at home' grocery purchases (3.3k out of 46.4k). And that portion is increasing at 5% a year. So that's 5% out of 3.3k in extra expenses due to 'rampant food price inflation'. $165 extra a year. $14 a month. WOW! How terrible!
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  7. Actual increase of the grocery prices is between 25-60% compared to year ago. Your numbers are some manufactured data .
  8. I found an old receipt from 12/06

    Gallon of milk :$3.29
    Loaf of Whole Wheat bread: $1.69
    Trojan Condoms: $3.29

    I went shopping yesterday.

    Gallon of milk: $4.99
    Loaf of same bread: $2.39
    Trojan Condoms--Don't need 'em anymore so I have no clue. :)

    5% increase my arse.
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    I look around and see way too many fat people to think that food is not affordable to the average American.
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