free giving away strategy, and they say there is no free lunch

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  1. I am giving away my strategy here

    I also posted this to other websites too.

    have your screener set up for following

    FOR LONG (keep for 2 days max)

    stocks above 5 bucks and below 250
    volume above 500 000 shares per day
    previous day aroon below 50
    present day aroon above 50
    exponential moving avrg 4 over 9 crossed
    RSI 14 and 7 in small uptrend regardless of levels

    and volume increasing for last 3 days.

    simple strategy but it works,


    dear god I did a selfless deed, I am now good enough for heaven

    oh before I forget, for shorting, same formula but reversed
  2. lescor


    Umm.... that's not a strategy.

    That's a setup for trade entry, which is one (and not the most important) part of a trade strategy.
  3. please do what I did

    and post exactly your trade entry,

    (I would be really surprised if you did)

  4. balda


    here you go:

    1 qqqq above 30 sma
    2 spy above 30 sma
    3 50% or more stocks that hit new high 10 days ago closed higher
    4 at least 100 new highs

    Can you trade this? I do.

    Edit: I completely agree with lescor
  5. buy the open of stocks that are upgraded after the first green bar is complete and the second is under way. well, u can take a shot at the first bar if u wish...
  6. looks like a trade entry parameter to me, not a strategy.

    What is a 'small uptrend'?
  7. The problem with "free" lunches is the inevitable heartburn that follows.

  8. actually I am one of ET members who changed nickname and just appeared here to have some fun with you people

    aroon RSI, MAs give me a freakin break

    I just made it up

    what about that line where I say Dear god etc, isn't that a dead give away

    that stock screener is when I was a real new insect looking for edge

    this just goes to show you that you people don't know shit

    I can just imagine some of you went to your screener to test it out

    geez man, good luck
  9. So, how did it work? Did you have fun?
    Man, are you ever clever.

    So this is what you're doing on a Saturday night, huh?

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    Just heading out the door to meet some friends. Have a nice day :)
  10. yes its 7 PM here

    I am going out too

    don't hate me, hate yourself

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