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    Now offering FREE FOREX trading!

    TradeBolt™ is pleased to announce its partnership with Gain Capital. Being one of the largest, most respected firms in the industry, Gain supports over $70 billion in monthly trade volume. Offering services to professional FOREX traders and asset managers in more than 110 countries. TradeBolt is excited to enhance the service Gain offers through a variety of automated solutions that will enable clients of Gain Capital to get lightning fast order executions with hands-free trading™.

    TradeBolt is the world's premier fully automated system trading application. TradeBolt will take buy/sell order signals from any signal-generating system and automatically send them to any broker for execution within milliseconds. Enjoy hands-free trading with TradeBolt! TradeBolt is a simple solution to fully automate FOREX, futures, and equities trading. CTAs, Fund Managers, Brokers, and retail clients all over the world trust TradeBolt. TradeBolt is an absolute must in today's ultra-competitive trading environment.