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Discussion in 'Forex' started by eltrco, Mar 3, 2008.

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    Via RSS Feed technology, we can receive Raingull Telemetry FOREX real-time signal notifications. They will send real time signals from MetaTrader MT4 platform directly. We can subscribe these RSS messages very easily, on My Yahoo, My MSN of Google, or just click the RSS symbol on IE 7, Firefox 2 or Safari, then we will receive the signals synchronously, no need to pay a cent.

    Till 2008-02-29, 97 signals, 91 winners: 6 losers, seems not bad.
  2. The one trade signal the feed is showing from Friday, buy
    EURJPY at 158.31 with a target of 158.52 and no stop, is
    down 200 pips so far. 21 pip target and no stop, down
    200 pips.

    Seems not good!
  3. lol, another 'no stop' signal service!

    Why do people bother with this garbage, they can do the same thing for themselves.

    Find a high-yielder like say Aud/Jpy, buy without a stop, and just wait until the trade comes right and then claim 93.8% of your trades are profitable. Shame the other 6.2% result in a margin call and total account meltdown but hey, nothing's perfect.

    Crazy way to trade but no worse than the rubbish trades these jokers call.
  4. eltrco - I cannot tell if this is actually some sort of spam advertising or not. Be warned, if you are not a paid sponsor of ET, you are not welcome to spam any service to which you receive income from.

    If you wish to become a sponsor on ET, you may contact Baron in order to do so.