Free Fall

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  1. How many of U fell in the trap? Up and then pull out the rug, and then came the chute.

    There must be a lot of guys licking their wounds. To make it worse, it was so fast.

    I knew it would come because the dollar was at the bottom (check my thread in Forex section of this forum).
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    One order of 140k ES futures executed in under 5 mins began the meltdown says brokertalk
  3. Talk about size.

    My guess is that the wounded guys will now go to the sidewalk, and watch the market from a safe distance. A possible calm before she decides.
  4. Of course. The purpose is to have it happen so fast you don't know what hit you. If anyone doesn't think this is a manipulated market...................
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    11.35 5-min candle has 140,000 volume on it , but the meltdown started at 10am

  6. Get yourself a small cup of self respect and stop talking like a loser. Nobody "manipulates" the ES. Its entirely too fucking large a mkt.
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    Nice to see my trades are still being paid attention to. :cool:
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    That would make for a great energy drink name. "You look pathetic, you have no energy, no vitality, no money, no girlfriend, how about a bottle of something you haven't had in a long time, a bottle of SELF RESPECT, now with more caffeine and taurine to help give you the energy you need to turn your miserable life around".
  9. I couldn't agree more !

    Manipulated market market on the highly liquid ES ?? Give me a fucking break !

    Please give me a second to recompose myself from almost pissing in my boxers from laughing so hard.

    Anyone that cries the manipulation excuse should stay out of trading index futures. PERIOD !!

    Just because some investment bank or other private firm decides to unload/short an amount like that does NOT mean they're trying pull the rug out from other players. I can't even begin to count the number of times ive seen high volume moves like this in my 3 yrs of trading ES fulltime.

    Wake the fuck up and learn how to trade!! :mad:
  10. Done. Need a marketing job? :D

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