Free ETF trading at Vanguard

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  2. we wouldn't know or care if they mispriced their etf's by penny.
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    Wow, very interesting. I wonder how much this is about quietly making their money from management fees

  4. But from other company's management fees?

    The mispricing angle mentioned above seems a better bet.
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    Investor's don't need to go through their advisor services. Investor's just can open the account and manage them selves.

    Don't really get the mispricing angle. Probably he/she doesn't have a clue what is he/she talking about.

    Vanguard has done this to counter other brokers dropping from their etf's from brokers list of no commission trading (for eg. TDA).

    Probably they still maintain free up to 25 trades per year, which won't help traders but fine for investors. It was not clear from their announcement
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    (payment for the order flow)
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    Hmmm ok srinir, thanks for some more insight here.
    Im skeptical when something becomes free
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    Merrill also offer free trading (stocks & ETFs, not options or futures) with some other handy/convenient cash-management benefits, assuming an account over $X. I haven't dug into order-execution details (PFOF etc), but it generally looks like a strong offering. I've been speaking with a rep and may open an account.
  10. sh1t! you don't even have a Merrill Edge account yet... you haven't seen anything yet. I have had accounts with TD, Etrade, Schwab, Merrill Edge... I've seen how the game is played... 無知的婊子 :)
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