Free Energy Developments

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    "We have developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy."

    Yeah, free... guess they'll give it away... wait, maybe it'll be ad-supported like Google: Maybe, ss the fuel burns, it produces bubbles that contain holgraphic ads!
  2. I know you're kidding but it's free as in conservation of energy not free as in "free beer".

    Whether it's for real or not....? But, they did offer it up for public scientific scrutiny... all the power to them!

    :p All the power to them... yuk yuk yuk... :p
  3. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC


    Here's a question for you...

    Suppose you invented this and it WAS real. Then, suppose a cartel of oil companies came to you and offered you $10 Billion (tax free of course) for it and you knew they'd just shelve it. Would you take it?
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    That violation of conservation of energy thing, might come as a surprise to most of the world's physicists : )
  5. They say several institutions tested the technology and confirmed the results but refused to go public. If the holy grail in physics has been tested and its claims tested and proven, why not go public? Pussies.
  6. Well XOM is up for the day so there may not be any merit to these claims.
  7. Me personally. HELL no. I am so against (corporate) power and greed. I'd allow myself to make a reasonable profit and then slap an iron-clad OpenSource license on it, so I could share it entirely with the masses. You hit chord with that question, cashonly. :)
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    How do you define "reasonable"?
  9. Well naturally, that would be an arbitrary decision. I actually try to be more succesful to help others in some form or another. Being greedy is such a poor attribute for a person to have... I believe.
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