Free End OF Day CL Tick Data

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  1. Hi Traders,

    May I know where can I get 2 weeks free EOD CL tick data ?
    You info is much appreciated.

    Thank you.. :) :)
  2. Humpy


    yahoo finance
  3. tek17


  4. Humpy & tek17,

    thanks for the info. I will try that. :)

    Happy Trading
  5. hi Tek17,

    The website u provide do have EOD data, but it's my mistake.
    Actually, what is want is Intra-Day data, any ideal where can I get Intra-Day tick data ?
  6. If you want free, you are out of luck. But there are several services that are so cheap, that it qualifies as free. Here is one. Don't waste your time searching further, you will not get anything cheaper. Yes, you need to signup for SierraChart platform and pay monthly fees
  7. nkhoi

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    google ' QCollector data sharing thread'

    then scroll and find what you need
  8. Sorry guys, actually is my mistake, what I need is Intra-day tick history data. I noticed most of the "free" version are "daily" data not Intar-day tick data that I want...... :(
  9. What I posted gives you exactly that
  10. thanks for the info.

    Is there anyway I can export the data from Sierra Chart in .txt format in-order for me to load into Multichart ?
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