Free education. Forget college and the debt you get into.

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  1. In addition, folks from my grad school (MBA) admit they use nothing of what they learned in class to make money.

    Pretty soon, college is going to be a NEGATIVE influence.
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  3. Then mark me as an exception, moron .... Marketing basics repeated several times in both 1st and 2nd year of MBA pgm .....

    not verbatem = in my own words ....

    in a sales situation the closer talks 80% of the time as he's explaining the product i.e. the demo or product info. Then in the CLOSE the roles are reversed and the CLOSER speaks no more than 20% of the time and when he does it is only to redirect the attention of the customer to the unanswered and dodged closing question

  4. But as an aside, if you did receive all this higher education, then why are you such a retard re: black folk? .... re: Obama w.r.t. all the childish threads and posts about him bowing or not respecting the flag etc., etc., ??? ... and other useless, ignoramus stuff???

    Isn't education supposed to dispense with such basal stupidity and open one's eyes to the larger perspective, esp. one wherein, with your higher analytical reasoning and logic skills, you would be far more tolerant of the unfortunate folk and certainly in any even rise above your southern-states US stupidity?

  5. So nice of you, an ET oldtimer to send out a cloud of stupid blanket signals to the uninitiated aka uninformed by the use of the word, "college" .....

    what has failed in reality, if at all anything has failed, is that the fellows in power, MBA holders for the most part, didn't see the tsunami coming in 2000 and 2006 (real estate) and 2007. They failed miserably - this could impact the MBA pgm's attractiveness quite alot and it has done so in spades.

    But there is alot more within that program, for example, Financial Management control systems etc., that works well - Marketing continues to be a powerhouse portion of the MBA.

    In any event by using the word "college" you blast other things that work well - as in Math, Phy, Chem., Engineering etc., - these things continue to work well.

    Stick to what you know and do best - blasting Obama with your childish antics, duffer.