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Discussion in 'Events' started by Lawrence Chan, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. My latest ebook 5 Things You Must Know To Beat The Stock Market is now available from Amazon in Kindle format.

    I am hosting a 1 day free download event this Thursday, July 11, at Amazon.

    Mark your calendar and download it for free! :D

    5 Things You Must Know To Beat The Stock Market
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    Lawrence, I am very curious about the gems you might have released in your book. can't wait - can you please post table of contents here? Thanks.
  3. This time the focus is long term biases where newcomers to the stock market should know before they even consider trading / investing.
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    Thanks Lawrence. Good stuff in your ebook.
  5. Thank You Mr Chan
  6. Well, I downloaded the book and read it in 30 minutes. That is how “big” the book is. It’s a joke. The price was “$0.00” on Amazon and I felt that I overpaid for it! Nobody will reimburse me for those 30 minutes of my life that I have wasted reading what at best could be described as a short article. Full of grammar and spelling errors interlaced with extremely naïve and uneducated guesses about long-term equity indices behavior the “book” is a joke. The author clearly has no idea about statistics and probabilities as well as general logic and data interpretation. Conclusions and “epiphanies” that are presented in this short blip of a bad writing are misleading and idiotic at best. They are dangerous for a beginner and clearly expose the author’s lack of basic education. Garbage!

    P.S. I shall leave the same review at Amazon as well to save other people's time.
  7. You are welcome.
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    Yes, the book is short - 28 pages and its meant for beginners office goers buy and hold investors and mutual fund investors - who "aspire" to trade. Not for experienced full time trading professionals like you Maestro.

    If you consider the kind of audience the book is based for, I think you may want to change your review.

    I don't agree with you when you say book presents uneducated guesses about long term behavior of equity markets. On the other hand, book takes on market adages and one-by-one subjects them to backtests and report the results.

    To Lawrence - there were mistakes and typoes in the book. Also, as far as I know a golden cross is known as MA(50) crossing MA(200) and not MA(100) as you have mentioned in the book. I am not 100% sure on this point though.