Free doughnuts illegal in California.

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    According to the California Division of unhealthy food and services (CDUFS Squad), providing free food in the list of dangerous materials is grounds for fines and arrest.

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    This is true for many foods all over the country. Canned goods and other stable packaging are ok still (I hope).
  3. Not in florida, I can go to an office and they have free doughnuts and coffee, same in NY.
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    Yeah, my sites give free coffee to the employees (we're so generous, lol).
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    Looks like the ATF agent on the right had a few too many free doughnuts.
  6. Looks like the ATF agent on the right had a few too many free doughnuts.

    That is some funny shit. Lol.
  7. Now this is a Jobs Program!

    Imagine all the unionized plumbers that will need to be contracted.

    Perhaps, Vending machines are next on the chopping block.

    Clueless, Leftist-Academics .. idiots-all.
  8. Imagine back in the 50's, all the world war 2 vets. A job opening is advertised for health inspector. You read the rule book and find there is a law - no free donuts without sink and table and rubber gloves. You probably couldn't get anyone to take the job and enforce lame ass rules.

    Fast forward to the present and people with small wee wees are lining up for any job that has an inkling of power and a chance to be a prick.
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    I like how you used WWII vets there, always a good pull on the ole emotions.
  10. Back when men were men, not sniveling handwashing girly guys.:D

    Uhmmnnn whad ya have for lunch today frank?, "Baloney, dirt and some bacteria of some sort was underneath the hood when I set my sandwich on the ground when I got something rust my eye."

    Why you should be dead..............after alll that.
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