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    Try TradersStudio Trading Platform FREE for 30 days!

    Check out our Special Offer Ending on 31st December 2011!

    We are pleased to announce that you can try the TradersStudio platform and see how powerful it is for 30 days at no cost.

    TradersStudio has released its latest Professional Trading Suite with numerous features, with a few mentioned below:
    • Use existing TradeStation systems made in EasyLanguage
    • Walk forward analysis and optimization
    • Automatic Currency adjustment for trading foreign Futures
    • Develop Custom Portfolios, Sessions
    • Develop, Test & Optimize Trade systems
    • Backtest stocks, Forex trading systems
    • Develop and Optimize Money Management strategies
    • Built in relative strength methods
    • Equity curve feedback
    • Opening Range Breakout
    • Translate TradeStation<sup>®</sup>EasyLanguage code into TradersStudio

    The 30-day FREE DEMO TRIAL

    You can now experience the power of trading via TradersStudio Platform at no cost. You can now download a free trial of the platform for 30 days.

    The demo has all the features of our full version including the following:
    1. Many good built in data series, like Intra-day SP500 data, 5 minute bars 7 years
    2. Stock data for TradersStudio stocks which includes all NASDAQ 100 individual stocks, all Dow 30 stocks in three different formats, Split adjusted, unadjusted and dividend adjusted so you can do TradersStudio stock analysis
    3. End of Day Forex data

      The demo has its own limitations:
      • It can not use new data
      • The manual which you download are in PDF form and you do not get any separate printed ones.
      • You can use it for paper trading and not actual trading.

        The Offer:
        • It is free for 30 days and is available at the website.
        • It expires after 30 days from the date of download.
        • You have to be registered at the website to be able to download the same at the Demo Menu.
        • Unless you register and login using your username and password, you can not view the Demo Menu and download the free trial.

          Steps to receive free trial:
          • Visit the TradersStudio website
          • Register at the website giving a valid email address as you shall need to verify the same. A verification email with a link and code shall be send to the email address given above.
          • On receiving and verifying the same, you shall become a welcome member of our website.
          • You can now log in the TradersStudio website using the username and password you had registered earlier.
          • You have to login to view the Demo Menu.
          • After logging in the website, the Demo Menu is available and you can now download the Free Demo and Demo Manuals at the Demo Menu
            1. Quick Start Demo Manual: A quick overview of the platform from the Demo point of view. It helps you to familiarize with its features.
            2. TradersStudio Pro Demo: The full free demo version valid for 30 days only. You can use it longer by purchasing the paid demo and after that you can request an unlock key, it becomes yours forever to use.
            3. Full Manual - Demo: A detailed explanation of all the features used in the Demo for your understanding.
            4. Language Manual - Demo: A detailed explanation of all the language features used in the Demo for your understanding.

            So come and avail the exciting offer of the Free Demo version.
            Offer Valid Up to 31st December 2011 ONLY! HURRY UP!

            The Paid DEMO

            After the expiry of the 30-day free demo version trial, you can choose to purchase the paid Demo version at a discounted rate of 20%.

            Paid Demo version is simply an unlimited extension of the 30-day free Demo Trial and you can use the same forever.

            This paid version is the free demo version with extra features:
            1. This demo never expires
            2. You get e-mail technical support
            3. You get complete printed bound manuals with colorful covers. These manuals are the complete manuals and not just from the Demo version point of view.
            4. You shall receive an unlock key which will unlock the demo so it does not expire.
            5. Shipping cost is extra.

              Besides, you have the following 2 options for this paid demo version:
              • TradersStudio Pro Educational Demo
                It includes the Paid Demo + complete printed Manuals, at a cost of just $55.20 ($69 – Actual Price before discount).
              • TradersStudio Pro Educational Demo &ORB
                It includes Paid Demo + complete printed Manuals + the Opening Range Breakout video DVD + Opening Range Breakout Code to run in the Demo, at a cost of just $88.00 ($110 – Actual Price before discount).

                So come and buy the exciting offer of the Paid Demo version.
                Offer Valid Up to 31st December 2011 ONLY! HURRY UP!

                The TradersStudio<sup>®</sup>Professional Trading Platform Suite

                The above Paid Demo offer is part of the TradersStudio 20% off Sale Site Wide! See limited time pricing below

                Moreover, when you are ready to trade, you will want to buy the full version of TradersStudio Full Version to take advantage of the full power like you can add new data and be able to generate trading signals to actually trade or to test the same in a wider range of markets.

                Hence, the cost of the Paid Demo version is a credit on buying the full version as you need only an unlock key to convert the demo version into a paid version.

                So, try our demo version now, then buy TradersStudio for only $320.00 until 31st December 2011

                This Full version is the complete TradersStudio Platform Software:
                1. You get e-mail technical support
                2. You have complete control here with no limitations unlike the free and paid demo version.
                3. You get complete printed bound manuals with colorful covers. These manuals are the complete manuals and not just from the Demo version point of view.
                4. The unlock key is a part of the platform and it never expires.
                5. You can add data and use it for actual trading.
                6. Shipping cost is extra

                  Please note that after 31st December 2011, the 20% discount on all items including the above ends and the prices of the following shall go up as follows:
                  A Good Deal to Avail Before the Year End!

                  Hence, it is a good deal; if you test the TradersStudio Platform now and then purchase the full version before the end of year 2011.

                  Special pricing on Paid version and Real version of TradersStudio is valid only till 31st December 2011.

                  Do not miss out on this great offer and avail 20% discount on all items!
                  Offer Valid Up to 31st December 2011 ONLY! HURRY UP!
  2. How old can the Tradestation code be? I have some systems that used TS 2000i, and Supercharts(? I think that was the lower level originally). I may have tossed them too at some point during a cleaning binge.
    I think I tossed the R&W Technical systems, and I would have liked to look into them.
    Debating whether to just buy with current deals that were supposed to end tommorow or taking the demo now. Just one more thing to make my life difficult. lol :D
  3. Murray Ruggiero

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    You need to be able to get the code into text format and paste it in. We don't read ela's

    We also don't translate indicators, only systems and user functions.
  4. In looking at the specs on your website it doesn't mention Windows 7. Does this mean it isn't supported, or just that the website hasn't been updated?
    I can put it on a Win XP computer, but thought I'd put it on a Win 7 64 bit computer. I have my bigger monitors on the Win 7 and for doing research and that I'd prefer the bigger screens.
    The products I wanted to try and put into it from TS 2000i were all systems, and not indicators. They wouldn't be critical, just something to spend more time playing with than I actually have.
  5. Murray Ruggiero

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    Yes windows 7 is supported, where would you put it on the web site so there is not any confusion.
  6. I simply looked under specifications in the Products tab. In other words I went to the website, clicked the Products tab, clicked the Traders Studio Professional option, and then clicked the Specifications tab. It showed operating systems, and Win 7 was not listed among them. I would include it there I guess if you are listing compatible operating systems. Not a big deal and I appreciate your quick answer.
  7. Murray Ruggiero

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    Good find, thanks I will have the web master fix it.
  8. No problem, just double checking. On the other hand if it is worth another $50 I will gladly check your website for needed updates weekly. I appreciate that you are able to answer pretty much immediately. Normally with various other sites I ask a question and the answer is wrong, or from a guy in India, China etc who has no clue, but will post an answer anyway.
  9. bevok



    Thanks for the demo, giving it a test on Win7, get a couple of random runtime errors sometimes when I start it but generally seems to work. One issue is around creating a session with futures (e.g. using inbuilt trending markets portfolio), seem to have an issue when I try to run with the CT data (2.TSD), error is:
    Cannot get date range of the file 2.TSD from dir c:\Program Files etc.

    When installing I chose the 'only make available for use by the current user' option, which puts the files in the user profile (path C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Programs\TradersStudioDemo\SampleData\Futures), how do I get the session to look there for the data rather than c:\Program Files\TradersStudioDemo\Sampledata\futures?
  10. Murray Ruggiero

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    This program needs admin rights so you need to install it so it is available to all users. Also for windows 7 , you need to set properties on the desk top icon to admin and not choose XP compatiable. That is the default. When installing the full one we also set the start in folder to where TradersStudio25.exe is installed. In the case of the demo since your only going to be able to save code you wrote if you want to move to the full product, it's not as big of a deal if the databases are stored in your virtual user.

    Please try uninstalling using add remove programs and then reinstall as admin and allow everyone on the machine to use it.
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