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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by mvarela, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. mvarela


    Hi. I have developed a strategy, which I have tested with Amibroker using historical data from yahoo.

    Now I want to test it in real conditions, so I would like to open some kind of free demo account.

    I think the best option is trough IB API, but the matter is that IB requires to open a real account before give me a demo account.

    Somebody knows about some free option?

  2. Try:
    Simulationed commissions are E*TRADE rates however, not IB's nice rates. But they do have a simulated trading feature once you register.
  3. If you open a demo account you won't be able to test in "real conditions". To test it in real conditions, you need to open a real account, and you can trade very small size if you want (1 share per position), but it needs to be a real account with real money.
  4. elit


    First paper trade - then test with very little money and gradually increase amount - IF profitable.

    Very stupid to trade with real money, if even paper trading not profitable IMO.