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    I am interested in day trading and would like some advice on various free simulation/demo accounts that I could use to begin papertrading. Once I get comfortable in the demo account and I learn more about day trading, I would like to work with with a prop firm such as cy group and starting making real trades.

    What I am looking for is an simulation/demo account that is going to be as close as it gets to real live trading and having a real account with prop firm/or general retail account. Meaning something that will give me access to stop/loss, p&l statements, etc.

    I have seen a few places mentioned such as interactive brokers, infinity trading, ninja trader, etc. All I am looking for is something free that is very similar to the real thing. Thank you for the help.
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    I tried opening a tos demo account, but it was a very involved process and wanted me to fax things and fund the account. I looked into opening an IB demo account, but you have open a regular account first, with minimum 10k. I just downloaded the ninja free demo account, but it is just a blank screen a few options to do things. I am assuming I need a data feed for the ninja account, but I don't know how to get a free one nor how to incorporate a data feed into the account if even I do get.

    I am looking for an all inclusive demo account that would have everything I need just to look at things and start making paper trades. No adds on and other programs to download with it, just one website/demo account I use that has everything. Hopefully there are some demo accounts like this that exist. If anyone can give me one that matches up with what I have described above, please reply to this thread.

    Since I plan on probably using a prop firm once I am done and not a retail account with futures, I am assuming I will not need a demo account that uses futures. This info might narrow down things and help you find me an account that is all inclusive. I appreciate any help. Thanks.
  3. Orbis has a demo version of their software, however I believe they charge a fee. I used this product for over two years with a prop firm. The functionality and ease of use is quite simple and the charting features are very basic. However, it may work for what you're looking for, here's the link.
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    No you don't. I have a demo account with tos and I didn't have to fax them anything. Once you register a username and password, you can start using their demo program immediately. You only need to fax information if you plan to trade live with them.

    Personally, I think tos sucks, but they are sufficient if you just want to paper trade. They have everything you need. Their streaming quote are a least RT (or a bit delayed). That's the only thing that matters.
  5. Me too. I don't think I would ever trade with them, but I think I've had my demo for about 4 years now. (sshhh..) It's actually ok for extra charts on a second computer.

    I also think it's ok for learning options analysis.
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    Thanks for the heads up about tos. I must have being doing something wrong and thought that I have complete the registration process. I clicked on the tos paper money link and it brought me to a site where I could just download the softward or web based training just with my username and password. I have not downloaded it yet, but it looks like it should work. I appreciate the help.