** FREE Delaware L.P. (Limited Partership) -- $350 VALUE - FREE!

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  1. Hello Traders,

    I own an active Delaware L.P. (Limited Partnership) which I have never used for trading or any other business purpose, and would like to dispense with. Originally, I intended to sell it, but time is of the essence, so I am willing to part with it for FREE.

    Yes, this is a real offer. Three years ago I thought I was going to start a Commodity Pool, but instead took a fin. services job, and now own a CTA (Delaware Corporation, NOT a LP).

    So I have this LP. If you want it, MESSAGE Me immediately. First serious response gets it.

    This entity may be useful for those wanting to TAKE ON OUTSIDE INVESTORS, which is almost always structured through a Limited Partnership. Call around, it costs $350 to set one up.

    This is legitimate offer. It does not benefit me to maintain this LP, so if someone could use it (or just wants it), MESSAGE ME.

    Best wishes,
  2. Check your PM.


  3. *BUMP*
  4. Still waiting for my LP shell--- feel free to email the paperwork, if you don't want to drop it off at the office.


  5. How can someone know that no liabilities exist on taking over this entity?

    Just curious...