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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Hideo Saitoh, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. I have Metaserver RT 2.0 for DDE.

    Please tell me Free DDE server or URL.

    Can I use or Yahoo ?????

    Please Tell me .

    :( :confused: :( :confused:
  2. If there is no DDE server of stock market,

    Please tell me some broker.

    I deposit money, I can use DDE data by FREE.
    Do you know ?


    Do you know,
    Can Metaserver RT 2.0 DDE downloaded historical quote too ?
  3. TGregg


    Howdy Hideo,

    Welcome to Elite Trader. You'll find a wide range of people here, from extremely capable traders to loud mouth newbies, to cranky bastids who have lost it all.

    Now for a slight technology lesson that I'll probably get all wrong (fortunately, many at this BBS will be quick to correct me :D). Once upon a time, Microsoft noticed that there was this thing called Networks that was catching on (this was in about 1993, and networked PCs had been around since what? 88?). Anyways, they produced Windows Fer Workgroups, which included networking, and they realized that different computers and different programs needed to talk to eachother.

    So they called their first attempts DDE and Net DDE for Dynamic Data Exchange. It hardly worked for crap. So then they came up with OLE (Object Linking and Embedding). About this time, I had a project to integrate Excel and Word, and had to use DDE one way, and OLE the other (couldn't get OLE to work both ways).

    Anyways, MS found out about the problems with OLE, so they invented .Net, the current standard (unless there has been an announcement this weekend).

    My point is that DDE is ancient, old and decrepit. You'd do well to avoid such things.

    EDIT Crap, I forget about Com. Between OLE and .Net was com. Com actually worked pretty dang well.
  4. I use QCharts which provides a free DDE that has been rock solid for me for 4 years. I use it with Excel no probs.

    Good luck and welcome.

  5. Dustin


    I've used DDE's from Redi+, AT Financial, and Qcharts. In terms of speed and reliability of data (when compared side-by-side) they go in the above order with Redi+ being the best. One thing I don't like about Qcharts DDE is that the bid/ask/last data for listed stocks include ECN data, with no easy fix to ignore them.
  6. I have used a variety of different sources but prefer ILX the best for real-time and historical data into Excel.

    I am currently using AT Financial because that is the default at my present firm but am having major stability problems and cannot recommend.

    I will probably cancel and go back to ILX.
  7. Dustin you raise a legit point. I actually use QLink for EOD data, or when intraday still only OHLCV.

    Thanks for making that distinction.
  8. Mishka


    I'm also trying to connect MetaServerRT( DDE version) to Qcharts or IB but have no idea what to write in all those fields in simple configuration.
    if anybody have done that successfully please help.

  9. Bob111


    IB. if you spend more than $10 on commisions, data will be free.
    connect MSRT to their trading platform and that about it.
  10. I've been using Redi+ for about a year now and only in the last few days have been using an Excel spreadsheet with macros (provided to me, I didn't write the VB) to send orders directly to Redi+ for various strategies.

    I'm not a software guy but would really like to expand my capabilities with this way of order entry. Anyone know of someone knowledgeable enough with both Redi and MS products to do this for a reasonable cost?

    Based on what I've seen so far, you could set up your own custom real time filters in Excel! Or am I off on this?:confused:
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