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  1. The same way a virus gets on your computer: typically by running a downloaded program that is infected or dubious email attachment. As some of you have found out, many trojans slip past virus checkers. The virus or trojan then installs itself on your computer and inserts itself in certain startup programs / registry entries so that every time you turn your computer on the virus/trojan is active. Many universities have lax security on their campus computers which is why so many of them are infected with viruses or trojans.
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  2. daytradingebook,

    Might I suggest that you stop practicing "devil" worship and start practicing English grammar. Perhaps it will improve your trading.
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  4. Ken_DTU


    just bought/installed it.. likely the best $40 I ever spent.. great to be able to selectively recover files as well as entire drive etc ..

    many thanks. nice teamwork on the board re dealing w/this..

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  5. alain


    thanx all for your comments on this....

    I have discovered the trojan right after I installed the trader.exe with mcaffe.. but i was so intelligent to delete all the files.

    it has just shown how greedy we all are after more knowledge... ;o)

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  6. Thanks KenDTU and everyone else who helped and gave advice in this thread and my Virus Problem thread. I finally got everything fixed and all my infected files deleted. This is the kind of support that makes this a great place.

    One more question though. Does anyone know of a friend of a friend of a friend that can arrange a hit on Mr daytradingebook. I'll pay.
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