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  1. TonyOz


    Hmmm.... I think I know who the original author of these quotes is. Actually these are so old they are not even on their website anymore. The famous tip #10 was a contradiction to their, "always use a protective stop" statement after calling a trade in their real-time chatroom. Can anyone guess who they are?

    But in their defense, they were the first that I have seen post stuff like this on their website, and it was stolen and posted/published in other websites/publications as well.

    They had that analogy of taking 10K cash throwing it on the floor and lighting it on fire. If you couldn't do it, you were not meant to be a trader or something like that. It is hard to think back to 1996/1997 and remember it exactly. But I'm 98% sure that tip #10 was on that website 5 years ago.

    Consequently, this material was not originally authored by OTA. They might have used it later with permission though.


    PS: Sorry about your hardships with the virus. That is absolutely a horrible thing to do, and I hope these criminals will be brought to justice.
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  2. Since IB requires me to retype my password I assume it is not stored on my computer. Am I correct? Wouldnt the only ones that would be stored be the ones that enter automatically when you revisit a website?
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  3. That is true. However many trojans are specifically programmed to monitor keystrokes to steal passwords, credit card #s etc. Best not to get infected in the first place. Always play it safe...
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  4. Ken_DTU


    To be safe, I changed broker p/wds, paypal, online banking etc.. major hassle, I've been working 8+ hours now to clean this thing up.

    other file found that's suspect in c:\winnt\system32 is called daytrader.dll (or daytrading.dll) something like that, dated same date as infection from the @#$ program, I wiped that.

    Also, scanned registry and deleted reference to iecfg.exe

    will update as I find out more. Note that one good way to tell you've been infected is that this virus expands other programs' .exe sizes by something like 24K.. (eg many .exe's, anywhere on pc), so, redownload one of your executables and compare the correct size with what's on your hd to check.

    and, presence of iecfg.exe and/or emm486.exe is a confirmation.

    Playing it safe, agree, thought that norton 2002 and/or tauscan anti-trojan would've caught this, they didn't.. I always scan all files before running them, this one apparently got through, and wee I get to spend all day fixing it. lol.
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  5. I'm reposting this here in case some who are infected didn't see it on the hardware section.

    Steve Gibson gave some good info on how trojans work and how they are used by hackers to do their bidding on -- Unfortunately at the moment the site appears to be down.

    From memory (I found the cached article so never fear) a good way to check if you have an active trojan on your computer: Shut off all chat software including instant messaging software. Go to the dos prompt.

    netstat -an | find ":6667"

    netstat -an | find ":113 "

    or just netstat -a to list all your connections.

    The cached article is on google (a real page turner) at:
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  6. The analogy I remember is to test if you would like to take up ocean yacht racing as a sport you should stand in an ice cold shower with all your clothes on while tearing up hundred dollar bills. If that appeals to you then so will ocean racing!
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  7. keeda


    there is a company which has excellent trojan horse software which I have been using for three years now. the company is called Agnitum. website:

    the software is called Taucan. From the website:
    Tauscan is a powerful Trojan Horse detection and removal engine capable of detecting every known type of backdoor that can threaten your system. It works unobtrusively in the background to prevent attack and uses minimal system resources. Its user-friendly interface, innovative features such as drag & drop scan, right-click scan and a setup Wizard were designed to enable novice users to configure the application and use it effectively without the need for any computer literacy on their part.

    I swear by this stuff. check it out.
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  8. Tripac

    That was a fascinating article. Thx. Can somebody tell me how the Trojans get on the host machines? Do you have to download something or can they put it on your computer?
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  9. Ken_DTU


    agree, thanks for the posts..

    software: ZoneAlarmPro, norton/mcafee and tauscan (and ostromtools for port scans, traffic watch etc) .. other good firewalls are sygate and tiny.

    downloads at

    security info: and

    Looks like the adventure is hopefully over, gee worked all day on cleaning up the pc, looks ok for now, knock on wood.

    Life in cyberspace, seems like we need several programs (eg two antivirus ones, at least one firewall etc) to be safe out there.

    best wishes all.

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  10. I have used GoBack, , for a couple of years and it would be a solution for this situation. It will put your hard drive back to the state that it was in before you downloaded this exe file. It has saved me several time when my only other option would have been to reformat and reinstall.

    Here are some of the bullet points from their web site:

    * Supports Windows 95, 98, Me, Windows NT4/2000 Workstation, and Windows XP Home and Professional
    * Continuous, up-to-the-minute data protection, without having to do a thing
    * No need to know what went wrong in order to fix a PC
    * Restore a PC to working condition, even if Windows won't boot, without a boot or restore disk
    * Return your hard drive to the way it was at any time in the recent past
    * Recover deleted or overwritten files, even those emptied from the Recycle Bin!
    * View a chronological log of every move that's been made that affects the hard drive
    * View and recover any recently saved file, no matter how it was overwritten or deleted
    * View the contents of a hard drive as it was at any time in the recent past

    There are some things to be aware of:

    It must be disabled before the disk can be accessed from a boot floppy or before some other disk utilities can be run (such as defrag or spinrite).

    Although I do not notice it, there can be a performance penalty since it keeps real time track of disk changes.

    It is not good for hardware problems - just software.

    It will reserve for its own use up to 20% of your hard drive capacity.

    It has to be installed before you have a problem.

    I do not have any connection with Roxio other than being a user, but this has probably saved me more time and given me more confidence to try things than any other computer utility that I have. It has yet to fail me when I have needed it.

    I apologize if this sounds too much like a commercial, but it would completely remove all traces of this exe and its damage in just a few minutes.
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